Many people believe that having three major personality traits from MBTI in common is a guarantee that two personality types are compatible with each other. While it’s not 100% true, in most cases similarities actually determine a good relationship. However, things are more complicated when people share only two of four major traits. In this case, chances are 50-50 that they will get along. 

ESFP and ESTJ are two personality types from the Myers-Briggs’ 16 personality categories and they share only Extraversion (E) and Sensing (S). Therefore, both of them enjoy being in social situations, communicating with people, and paying attention to physical reality. Both of them live in the present and focus on their everyday life instead of dreaming constantly about the future. 

However, ESTJs are rational people who make decisions logically and enjoy order and organization. On the contrary, ESFPs are empathetic people who make decisions more impulsively, according to what they feel in the given moment. As a result of this difference between ESFP vs ESTJ, most times they are considered a one-sided match.


ESFP: The Entertainer

ESFP is an Extraverted (E), Sensing (S), Feeling (F), and Perceiving (p) personality type who is also known as the Entertainer or the Performer. Indeed, they enjoy standing out in the crowd and entertaining others with their amazing social skills. ESFPs never get bored while they are with people because social situations give them energy and make them feel appreciated. They are very cheerful and outgoing people who love people and never get tired of having fun.

ESFPs are far from being serious even when it’s needed. They are very optimistic people who are focused on the present and never worry about the future. One of the most obvious flows of these people is that they are not disciplined at all. The reason is that they just don’t have the ability to obey the rules. They like to be free and behave according to their current mood. Therefore, the majority of their decisions are impulsive. 


ESTJ: The Director

ESTJ is an Extraverted (E), Sensing (S), Thinking (T), and Judging (J) personality type who is also known as the Director. People with these personality types are dominant and easily get into leadership positions. Since they always make decisions according to logic and reason, they tend to succeed at work. ESTJs prefer to plan everything in advance and avoid stress and anxiety in that way. However, this sometimes makes them rigid.

ESTJs consider traditions very important. They always try to maintain the same place over time and avoid changes, even when these changes are positive for their personal or professional growth. As a result, friends and family consider ESTJs stubborn and inflexible. On the contrary, they are very hard-working and extremely reliable people. If they promised you something, you have a guarantee that ESTJs will get things done. 

ESFP and ESTJ – Compatibility in Relationships

Both ESFPs and ESTJs adore social situations. They are very outgoing people who can easily communicate either to their friends and acquaintances or complete strangers. Besides, as a result of Sensing (S) characteristics, each of their lives in the now and enjoy facts instead of abstract concepts. However, it seems like these similarities are too much for romantic relationships. In fact, ESFPs and ESTJs can get along but their relationships don’t really work.

The reason is that when one of them falls in love deeply, the other is at the stage of liking and vice versa. Therefore, they can’t be stable and consistent in relationships. ESTJs find it hard to open up emotionally and as a result, even if they feel something towards ESFPs, they refuse to admit it and it damages the relationship. Considering all of this, ESFP and ESTJ are considered a one-sided match. 

ESFP vs ESTJ – Key Differences

ESFP and ESTJ are very different in some situations, just like the majority of personality types who differ with Thinking and Feeling traits. Now as we’ve already discussed the similarities between ESFP and ESTJ, it’s time to compare ESFP vs ESTJ in romance, leadership styles and discuss their general values. 


  • ESFPs are extremely passionate people but paradoxically, they don’t fall in love very easily. The reason is that they don’t always express everything they feel and as a result, sometimes they are considered careless people. Actually, they are very warm and friendly. They would do everything to please their partners and keep the relationship going. 
  • Surprisingly, ESTJs are more romantic than ESFPs. At a first glance, they look like practical and rigid people who don’t even think about romantic relationships but actually, they fall in love very quickly. They enjoy it when their partner shows gratitude and takes care of them. 


  • ESFPs are not considered the best leaders from MBTI but they do have some great leadership skills. In fact, they always take care of other people’s needs and requirements and inspire people which is important for effective leadership. Besides, they can be controlling and manipulative when it’s needed to get the work done. 
  • On the contrary, ESTJs are considered one of the best leaders from these 16 personality types. They are objective, practical, down-to-earth people who can effectively organize the team and make powerful decisions. 


  • ESFPs value the present. They focus on the things around them and try to find interesting situations in order to get thrilled. They adore adventures and often make impulsive decisions to take part in something risky. Also, they value freedom and believe that everybody should fight for their independence. 
  • ESTJs value structure and order in every area of life. They want things to be predictable and can’t bear changes. They are highly motivated people who would do anything in order to achieve their goals. Similar to ESFPs, they try to make others realize how important justice is for our community. 

All in All

To conclude, despite some similarities the romantic relationships between ESFP and ESTJ don’t really work. However, it doesn’t mean that they can’t be great friends. Even though there are some significant differences between ESFP vs ESTJ and their opinions are different about many things, they can still communicate effectively. But chances are low that they will choose each other as romantic partners. 

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