It’s nothing surprising that introverted people get along with each other. They value each other’s needs for private space and understand why it can be hard to communicate with people all the time. INTJ and INFP are two introverted (I) personalities of Myers-Briggs 16 types who stand out with high compatibility and have a great chance of building a strong relationship. 

Both INTJs and INFPs are well aware of the fact that social situations and constant interaction with people can be exhausting. As a result, once they find each other, they detach from the community and have fun together far away from others. Introversion is not the only reason for their compatibility. In fact, they also share the Intuition (N) trait and have a strong sense of imagination. They enjoy dreaming about a mutual future together. 

Even though these two personalities share plenty of characteristics, the two main personality traits make them different. Specifically, INTJs possess the Thinking (T) traits and tend to be logical people who value rationality. Also, they are Judging (J) and can’t adapt to new situations quickly. But INFPs, on the other hand, are very flexible and sensitive people who pay attention to emotions. 

Let’s compare INTJ vs INFP and see what their relationship looks like theoretically. In this article, we will briefly review the characteristics of INTJ and INFP, compare them, and discuss their compatibility. 


INTJ: An Overview

As a result of the dominant function Introverted Intuition (Ni), INTJs are strategic people, focused on their inner world and actively thinking about information and data all the time. They are extremely creative and analytical people at the same time. Even though they are introverted and try to take care of their inner emotional state, from the outside they seem like insensitive people who never consider others’ feelings. However, it’s not the truth.

In fact, INTJs tend to rely on objective information rather than feelings. But it doesn’t mean they don’t care about others. Surprisingly, they are very good at listening and giving advice. It’s just that they realize that rationality can lead them to success more easily. They are a little bit rigid, find it hard to change their plans and make new decisions and as a result, they prefer to determine everything in advance to avoid stress and confusion. Being hard-working and confident helps them easily achieve their goals. 


INFP: An Overview

Emotions are the major determinants of INFPs’ lives. They place great emphasis on their feelings and make decisions based on their current emotional state. However, they are too shy to share their sentiments and let others know what they feel. The dominant function of Introverted Feeling (Fi) reflects in all their actions. They always try to figure out what they want and what they need to improve their life. 

Not only do they care about their personal life but also, INFPs want to make the world a better place. That’s why they tend to follow their morals and try to behave in the right way, even if it’s harmful to their self-development. Usually, they try to deeply understand themselves in order to fit into the world and feel comfortable. They are very creative people and have the ability to think outside the box. Still, they are too afraid to make powerful decisions and change their lives completely. 

INTJ & INFP – Compatibility In Relationships

INTJs and INFPs are highly compatible. They are not considered as an ideal match but chances are high INTJ and INFP couples will stay together for a long time. The reason is that they have a similar attitude towards love. Specifically, INFPs believe that emotional connection is vital for relationships and make all of their decisions according to their current feelings. On the other hand, INTJs are rational people and emotions don’t affect their decisions. However, they are extremely caring and pay attention to INFPs’ needs if they’re dating. 

Also, INFPs balance INTJ’s rigidity. They always try to help their INTJ partners to become more flexible and avoid anxiety when the situation drastically changes. The only negative thing about their relationship is that sometimes INTJs criticize INFPs. Although they accept their INFPs feelings, they can’t take all of their concerns without criticism. But their love makes them compromise. 

INTJ vs INFP: Comparison Of Personality Signs

INTJs and INFPs are both introverted, creative, and intuitive people who can easily look at things from a different perspective. Both of them have a strong value system and behave according to their inner beliefs. Consequently, they share some values and attitudes about some aspects of life. Let’s compare some characteristics of INTJ vs INFP and see how they behave as leaders. 


  • INTJs value their ideas and beliefs about the world. They act according to their own logic and want others to follow their structure. Also, health is a priority for them, and therefore, INTJs try hard to ensure that their family members are feeling well. Since they are extremely goal-oriented, they value achievements as well. 
  • INFPs consider the emotional state of their family and friends the most important. As a result, they always try to help them solve issues and feel better. However, they are not very close with the family because they value autonomy and authenticity and prefer to be on their own. They try hard to make life in a harmonious environment and improve overall well-being. 


  • INTJs are the kind of partners everyone dreams about. They are extremely loyal, faithful, and reliable. It doesn’t matter what your goals are, they will try to help you make rational decisions but even if they don’t agree with you, they’ll still support you. They hardly share emotions but always tell their partners what they think about life’s important aspects. 
  • INFPs are attracted to sincerity. Sometimes seeing that somebody is completely honest and pure can be enough for them to fall in love. They are romantic partners, focused on encouraging their partners and helping them in tough times. They want to find their soulmates and have a long-term, deep relationship with a strong emotional connection. 


  • Logic and creative potential help INTJs to become great leaders. They are strategic leaders who plan everything ahead in order to make powerful decisions and lead the team to success. They never try to be in the spotlight. All they want is to achieve their goals and see the exact result.
  • INFPs are motivational leaders. They help the team members look at things from completely different angles and see new ways of solving problems even when they think the situation is desperate. INFP leaders often inspire their followers and help them to focus on personal growth and building strong careers. 


Finally, we can conclude that there are no major differences between INTJ vs INFP that can hinder their relationship and cause problems. Although they have completely different opinions about plenty of matters, communication with teaching others always helps them come up with acceptable and satisfying decisions for both of them. Consequently, most INTJ and INFP partners have strong bonds and healthy relationships.