Being flexible is a very important quality in today’s fast-paced world. Everything changes very quickly and people need to adapt to new ways of living. Flexibility is the main characteristic of 8 personalities from Myers-Briggs’ 16 types. ESFP and INTP are among them. Both of them are very spontaneous people who can make decisions immediately without overthinking. However, these two personalities share only one major trait and consequently, they have different patterns of thinking and behaving in many areas.

Can they still get along? What does their relationship look like? Are they flexible enough to overcome those issues? What are the main differences between ESFP vs INTP?

These are some of the questions people constantly ask about ESFPs and INTPs. One thing is for sure – they can’t be regarded as an ideal match. It’s common for people with these two personality types to disagree on plenty of things and argue. However, thanks to their flexible nature, they can easily find a solution. As a result, ESFPs and INTPs can have a satisfying relationship. 


An Overview Of ESFP: The Performer

ESFPs are attention seekers. They enjoy interacting with people and performing rare activities in order to stand out in the crowd. They can’t live without getting appreciation from people. As a result, they often suffer from difficulty focusing their attention on one certain thing. However, communication is their strength. ESFPs can be charismatic leaders and inspire people with their interesting speeches. 

ESFPs are very optimistic. Although they live in the here-and-now moment, their future imaginations tend to be positive, full of colorful ideas. They never stick to routines and act spontaneously whenever they can. They adore new experiences and look forward to changes in their life. As a result, ESFPs often change their work, partners, and friends as well. However, it doesn’t mean that they are not loyal. The reason is that they just quickly get bored but this doesn’t happen with people with whom they have deep emotional connections. 


An Overview Of INTP: The Logician

When somebody is talking about logical people, INTP immediately comes to the mind of people interested in MBTI. The reason is that people with this personality type are more logical than you can probably imagine. They enjoy thinking or arguing about abstract concepts that don’t really matter in real life. They want to explore the world and themselves and as a result, most of their day consists of thinking about the present or the future. That doesn’t necessarily mean they’re dreamers though. 

In fact, INTPs are very practical people. They can make effective decisions without hesitation and achieve success quickly. Usually, their decisions are based on objective information. They don’t pay attention to their feelings and even neglect them sometimes. This can be a bit problematic when it comes to relationships. INTPs dislike social situations and find it hard to gain friends. Usually, they have only 1-3 people they completely rely on and consider as friends. 

ESFP vs INTP – Key Differences

People often wonder what are the exact differences between ESFP vs INTP. It’s obvious that ESFPs are extroverted, sensitive people who live in the present and cousin to facts, while INTPs are introverted, logical people who don’t care about emotions. However, it’s more interesting to find out their exact attitudes towards some aspects of life and how they differ.


  • ESFPs easily get excited about romantic relationships. They always dream about having a partner who will take care of their emotional state and help them feel better. They don’t care about financial stability or material things. All they want in relationships is to feel that somebody loves and appreciates them. 
  • Surprisingly, when it comes to love INTPs also seem very excited. Since they are very logical, people usually think that INTPS don’t care about romantic relationships or don’t fall in love at all. But actually, deep down they are romantic people who just find it hard to express love and warmth. 


  • ESFPs are inspiring leaders. Natural charisma allows them to attract all of their team members and convince them easily. But it’s not just their social skills that make people adore ESFP leaders. In fact, they are very empathetic and never forget to take care of each member of the team individually. 
  • INTPs also possess excellent leadership skills. But their leadership style is completely different from ESFPs’. Instead of focusing on their employees’ emotional state, INTPs prefer to pay attention to objective information and create efficient plans for the team to lead to success together. INTPS  are considered as competent and intelligent leaders


  • ESFPs value emotional connection with people. They like taking part in social situations because talking to others makes them feel appreciated. Also, they want to have extraordinary experiences in order to try something new. In relationships, ESFPs value honest and sincere partners. 
  • INTPs value new experiences as well. They’re innovative people who are always looking for the purpose of life. They always try to improve their everyday life with new ideas to develop personally. They also value intimacy and rarely trust new acquaintances. They want to have perfect relationships full of emotions and support. 

Compatibility Of ESFP and INTP 

As you can see in the comparison of ESFP vs INTP, these two personalities have pretty much in common. Although they share only one major personality trait (Perceiving), they have similar attitudes towards love and similar values. Specifically, both of them think that romantic gestures are vital for relationships. They value intimacy and want to feel an emotional connection with their partners. As a result, their relationship always starts with excitement and positive predictions about the future.

However, sometimes INTPs get bored of ESFP’s need to be noticed by others. On the other hand, ESFPs dislike INTPs’ requirement to have private space. This can lead the couple to argue and destroy their relationship. 


To sum up, ESFPs and INTPs have many similar qualities. But the most important thing from their similarities is that both of them want to live their life to the fullest and always try to look for new and interesting experiences. They never hesitate to make decisions immediately and take part in something marvelous together.

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