ENTPs and ENFJs are pretty much alike. Although they share only two major personality traits (Extroversion and Intuition) from the four key personality functions of MBTI, they still have more things in common than anyone can imagine. People with both of these personality types are energetic, outgoing, and spontaneous. They enjoy social situations and in fact, interacting with others gives them energy. 

Considering this, it’s no wonder that they are very compatible either in romantic relationships or as friends. ENTPs and ENFJs are extremely supportive of each other. They can easily accept one another’s different qualities and encourage each other in everything they do. Of course, it doesn’t mean that their relationship is completely ideal. These two personalities don’t think identically and therefore, there are some things that they just can’t agree on. For example, ENFJs value loyalty while ENTPs have commitment issues. 

Besides, ENFJs look for romantic partners but ENTPs are not sensitive people and as a result, sometimes their energies mismatch. Let’s review ENTP vs ENFJ, compare their main personality traits, and see how well they get along. 


A Brief Description of ENTP

ENTPs are also known as the Debaters. That’s exactly why people with this personality type are believed to be enjoying arguing about everything, not for a real reason but just to argue. But actually, they like debates because that’s just one great way to explore the topic they are interested in, help others or get to know people. These people value knowledge and want to gain as much of it as possible. Besides, they are very argumentative and naturally powerful in discussions.

ENTP is an Extroverted, Intuitive, Thinking and Perceiving personality type. Therefore, they enjoy interacting with people, stand out with their curiosity towards every single detail, are not very empathetic, and tend to focus on receiving factual information before making decisions. Also, they are creative, quickly come up with original ideas and often impress others with their smart decisions. 


A Brief Description of ENFJ

ENFJs are also known as the Givers. Consequently, they enjoy caring about other people and sometimes even put others’ interests behind their own. ENFJs devote plenty of their time and energy to others’ needs and sometimes fail in achieving their own goals. Besides, they enjoy communicating with others and others think of them as warm, affectionate, empathetic people. As a result, they have a wide social circle, spend all of their time taking care of their friends.

ENTJ is an Extroverted, Intuitive, Feeling, and Judging personality type. They enjoy social situations and usually act as leaders of their groups of friends. However, usually, they don’t possess bossy personality traits. Most times, they focus on feelings instead of making rational decisions and often end up disappointed as a result. 

ENTP vs ENFJ: Comparison 

ENTPs and ENFJs share two main personality functions: Extraversion (N) and Intuition (I). However, as a result of the other two, people with these two personalities have different attitudes on various things. Let’s compare ENTP vs ENFJ and see what they think about romance, what kind of leaders they are and what are their main values. 


ENTP In Love

ENTPs are dream lovers. Once they fall in love, they would do anything in order to please their partner and make them feel appreciated. Taking care of their partner is always at the top of their mind. However, since they find it difficult to express emotions, they consider falling in love a bit frightening and tend to avoid romantic relationships in general. Therefore, attracting ENTP is not easy. 

ENFJ In Love

Unlike ENTPs, ENFJs are always in search of their soulmates. They prefer long-term relationships and try to find a steady partner with whom they completely get along. In this case, an ENTP partner is a great choice for them because these two can balance each other. ENFJs want to find someone committed and loyal and seeing affection easily makes them fall in love. 


ENTP: Freedom

Being free and independent is the most important thing for ENTPs. They just can’t live knowing that they have to obey someone and follow their rules. They value autonomy and have a strong desire to feel independent. Besides, they want to hear the truth and hate when the people they care about lie to them. 

ENFJ: Harmony

ENFJs are in constant search of harmony, either in their family or outside. They always take care of their family members and try to make sure that everybody feels safe. Their family’s emotional needs are the priority for them. That’s why ENFJs can even sacrifice their own goals just to make others feel fine. On the contrary, personal growth is no less important for them and as a result, they always try to learn new things. 


ENTP as Leader

Excellent problem-solving strategies and dedication to the work often help ENTPs to get at the leadership positions. They are innovative leaders who attract the members of the team with their charisma. Generally, they find multiple solutions to the problem while others can hardly think of one. That’s because of their unique approach to life. 

ENFJ as Leader

People adore ENFJs as leaders. They are extremely cooperative leaders who do the work alongside the members of the team. ENFJ leaders never forget to take everyone’s opinion into account and respect everyone. As a result, people tend to like them and support them in return. ENFJs are inspiring, original, and strong leaders who are dedicated to improving the team. 

Can ENTP and ENFJ Get Along?

The short answer is yes, they can. Since both of them are Extroverted types and enjoy going out, they can easily find activities that are interesting and rewarding for both of them. Chances are high that these two will meet in a social situation, like each other, and start going out together. That’s the most frequent scenario of ENTP and ENFJ falling in love.

ENTPs like ENFJs’ sensitive and empathetic nature. Although they are not very sympathetic, they enjoy seeing others’ emotions. ENFJs, on the other hand, like ENTPs’ logical and rational arguments. Consequently, they get along very well and are considered a great match.


Finally, we can say that in most cases ENTPs and ENFJs can build steady relationships. Although there are plenty of significant differences between ENTP vs ENFJ, they have even more things in common. As a result, once they get to know each other, they quickly get close and fall in love.

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