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Try out our free personality test and discover which one of the sixteen personality types originally proposed by Carl Jung fits you best! Whether you’re an introvert or extravert, prefer sensing or intuition, thinking or feeling, and judging or perceiving. Each personality type has their unique strengths and weaknesses—and can all live successful and fulfilling lives. 

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Learn about how you gain energy, gather information, make decisions, and organize your time. Many people find personality type as a useful tool in self-reflection, which can be a great pivot point for your career and life direction. Better yet, you can learn how to be more empathetic with others when you learn about other types as well. 

Piece together the puzzle of you. Find out what makes you tick, and what inspires you. Get a closest look at your personal values, and what energizes you. Self-discovery is a lifelong journey, and a rewarding one that helps you become the best version of yourself to give back your talents to the world around you.

Is our free personality test absolutely no-cost to take? Yes! Feel free to share your results with friends, and take it again as many times as you wish. Discuss your results and how you can use your personality type to highlight your strengths. You may even discover some interesting patterns within your friends and family.

This is more than a “What Kind of Cake Are You?” quiz for entertainment. The 16 personality types proposed by Jung were first brought to light in his book, Psychological Types which he published in 1921. That’s a whole century! His work has now been developed and shared as more user-friendly manualsa and assessments to help people in their careers and lives.

So, who should take our free personality test? Students looking for direction, professionals seeking a career change, and truly anyone who’d like to embark on a self-discovery journey. Your personality takes center stage, and you get to choose your own adventure! Best of all: learn how to establish awesome relationships with other personality types.

In the workplace and school, learning about your personality type can help you become a more empathetic and effective team member, leader, or both! You’ll also learn how to work with your strengths and improve upon challenges. The concept of success and fulfillment looks different for each personality type—start here and work your way through.

After finishing the 40 questions on our free personality test, you are directed to a page of results where you can click on your personality type hyperlink to learn more. You’ll get full access to your personality type on potential careers, professions, interpersonal relationships, friendships, and behavior within families.

Are you ready to understand your personality on a deeper level? The quiz only takes around 5-10 minutes to complete (grab yourself a tea or coffee if you’d like). If there are any words you may be unfamiliar with, please look them up immediately for clarification. If both options seem correct to you, select the one that fits your actions more often

Answer each question intuitively and honestly, without overthinking, as your first gut reaction is usually correct. Answer as you truly are, instead of who you would like to be. Also, make sure that you’re in a normal to excellent state of physical and mental health, as mood swings may sway your answer in an inaccurate direction. Like any other assessment, make sure you’re well-rested, awake, and healthy. 

Please note: this personality test is not a professional psychiatric diagnostic tool and should be used as a general, personal reference only. 
This personality test also should not be used for hiring purposes. Please see a licensed psychologist or mental health worker if you need immediate assistance. 

Now, are you ready to get to know your personality better? 

Do you tend to test between two similar types (e.g. ENTP and INTP)? Our site also has in-depth posts that help effectively differentiate between them. Sometimes people will test near the middle of one of the four personality scales of the 16 types, and result in this flip-flopping effect. It may take a while to figure out your best-fit type. Sometimes, a second perspective such as your close friend can help you identify points or characteristics you may be unaware of.

Another huge, completely free resource is the O*NET database of careers, where you can find numerous career descriptions to complement your personality type knowledge. You can sort through your results through career clusters, job family, STEM, industry, job zone, and more. Read up on your personal career suggestions on our page and do some more exploration—there are definitely a bunch of careers that you’d be interested in!

How about your relationships with your friends and significant other? Your results from our free personality test also show you how you tend to behave in relationships—romantic and platonic. From the initial meeting stage to the get-to-know-you jazz to a lifelong, devoted connection. Also, certain types get along well together, which may also be thought-provoking to investigate further.  

To get even more in-depth with your personality type, your description includes a breakdown of your personal four cognitive functions, out of a possible. They are lenses in which you view the world and make sense of each event that happens to you. Your thought processes and decisions are mostly linked with your first two (e.g. primary and secondary) functions, and your latter two may be more prominent under stress. 

Take a peek at all of the 16 personality types below for even more information!

The 16 possible personality types for quick reference:

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