Comparison of Personality Signs & Compatibility In Relationships

Understanding other people’s feelings is as important as expressing your own. Emotions are vital aspects of human life and it’s hard to imagine living without these intrinsic feelings. However,  while some are naturally “feelers”, others prefer thinking rationally. Feeling (F) is one of the four major personality traits of MBTI. Generally, people with this personality function get along with each other perfectly well. In this article, we will discuss ISFJ vs INFP and see the major similarities and differences between these two personality types. 

Other than Feeling (F), ISFJ and INFP also share Introversion (I) traits. Both of them tend to avoid social occasions and interact with people, especially strangers. Despite similarities, these two types of people are different from each other in plenty of ways. Specifically, ISFJs are Sensing (S) and Judging (J) types, living at the present moment and enjoying order. On the contrary, INFJs are Intuitive (N) and Perceiving (P), looking for deeper meanings in things and acting impulsively. 

ISFJ: An Overview

ISFJs (introverted, sensing, feeling, judging) are people with a high sense of order. They always try to make things perfectly organized, setting up plans in advance. Although they are very detail-oriented, practical, and sensible, they feel anxious if they miss a single detail while making everyday plans. ISFJs are often called the Protectors. Indeed, they have deep feelings towards other people and try to make everyone feel better.

ISFJs are very sensitive and quiet people. They have a great ability of empathy and can understand others’ emotions but unfortunately, have trouble expressing what they feel. Due to their perceptive personality sign, they can easily remember everything they hear or see. One of their weaknesses is that they tend to neglect their own desires in order to satisfy others. Besides, they hate changes and find it hard to adapt to new situations.


INFP: An Overview

INFPs (introverted, intuitive, feeling, perceiving) are referred to as the Mediators. They are quiet and reserved people and hate to be in social situations. Although they prefer to be all alone, INFPS can feel comfortable with their close friends, consider their points of view and communicate effectively. But the fact that they don’t like to be with strangers doesn’t mean that they are shy. In fact, they just have to put all of their energy into others and can’t focus on important things.

INFPs make decisions according to how they feel. They are not very rational people and don’t usually take objective information into account. Their major weakness is that INFPs take most things personally and feel worried even when it’s unnecessary. They can look at things from a wide perspective but lack the ability to pay attention to details. 

How Compatible Are ISFJ and INFP?

ISFJ and INFP are not considered compatible personality types. Generally, people who get along have at least three personality functions in common while ISFJ and INFP have only two. However, this doesn’t mean that there’s no way that they can build a relationship. In fact, they do share some basic values. Specifically, both ISFJs and INFPs believe that understanding others’ beliefs and thoughts is very important to get to know them. As a result, in relationships they let their partners express themselves and try to listen carefully and give advice.

Still, you should know that chances are high for Sensing and Intuition paring not to work. The reason is that these two personality traits determine plenty of basic values and attitudes towards lots of aspects of life. Therefore, ISFJs and INFPs tend to have different thinking patterns and as a result, they get bored of each other quickly. 

ISFJ vs INFJ: Discussing Differences

ISFJ and INFJ are almost completely different personality types. They indeed share some personality functions, characteristics, and even some values towards life, but still, differences between them actually outweigh the similarities. Romantic relationships, leadership styles, and overall values are some of the most interesting topics for people all over the world who are exploring various personalities from Myers-Briggs’s 16 types. Let’s discuss ISFJ vs INFJ and see what are the major differences between them.

Are they Romantic?

  • ISFJs are not typical hopeless romantics. Even more, some people think that they don’t express love at all but actually, one needs to notice their romantic gestures in small details. In fact, ISFJs are eager to express warmth and try hard to take care of their partners. Women, especially, tend to put their partners’ needs before their own and show love in this way. 
  • INFPs are much more romantic, compared to ISFJs. Throughout their life, they are in search of true love. At a first glance, it seems nothing strange but actually, they have images of their ideal partners in their head. When they start dating someone, they tend to compare actual people with idealized versions which, needless to say, can be uncomfortable.

What Kind Of Leaders They Are?

  • People like ISFJs as leaders because they consider everyone’s opinions and take them into account while making decisions. They have great communication skills, try to help every member of the team equally, and create a healthy and engaging work environment. Although their ideas are not very creative, interaction with team members helps them to achieve goals. 
  • INFPS are exceptional leaders who tend to inspire and motivate team members. Empathy and the ability to keep everyone’s concerns in mind help them to improve the work environment and increase workers’ motivation. However, they lack confidence sometimes and hate to be in the center of attention.

Things They Value

  • The fact that ISFJs are introverted people doesn’t prevent them from valuing relationships. In fact, relationships are vital for ISFJs and they are completely committed to people they love. Also, they praise responsibility in people and appreciate when people do their duties responsibly. 
  • INFPs are independent people who value the same characteristics in other people. They appreciate people who rebel against traditions and rules and behave in their unique way. They have a strong desire to explore the world but are not confident enough to achieve this goal. 

Bottom Line

To conclude, due to having plenty of opposite characteristics, the ISFJ vs INFP pair doesn’t always work. People with these personality types aren’t easily attracted to each other. First of all, both of them lack confidence and are rather shy to take the first steps in the relationship. But mostly, different personality functions lead them to fall in love with people of different personality types.