ENTP and ENFP are among those personality types from MBTI that are believed to have great chances of building long-lasting relationships. People with ENTP and ENFP personalities have three major traits in common –  Extraversion (E), Intuition (I), and Perceiving (P). However, ENTPs are rational people with analytical abilities while ENFPs are focused on feelings. At a first glance, it’s just a small difference but actually, it can cause serious problems in some situations. 

ENFPs are compassionate people and have the ability to understand others’ emotions easily. They take care of others’ feelings and express empathy when needed. On the other hand, ENTPs are assertive who deeply acknowledge their own emotions but hardly notice what others feel. Some ENTP and ENFP couples consider this difference vital. 

Still, both ENTPs and ENFPs are outgoing people who enjoy social situations and exploring the world. They are in constant search of the purpose of their life and never hesitate to take risks. In this article, we will review ENTP vs ENFP differences and see how compatible these two personality types are. 


ENTP – Extraverted | Intuitive | Thinking | Perceiving

ENTPs adore taking part in intellectual debates. They are logical people who have a constant need of standing out and showing off their analytical abilities. They can easily make up logical arguments and convince others of whatever they think. Excellent social skills in addition to high intelligence help them to easily influence and inspire people. 

Other than being logical, they are also very creative. ENTPs have an original view of the world and can bring a unique perspective. They always search for new and interesting experiences and are not afraid to take risks if they find this particular experience thrilling. They value freedom and want to be independent in every area of life. The same applies to relationships. Besides, they find personal growth very important and always work hard to improve their skills. 


ENFP – Extraverted | Intuitive | Feeling | Perceiving

ENFPs are often referred to as the Champions. They are assertive people, determined to achieve their goals and become the winners in everything they do. They are very energetic, impulsive, and creative, able to bring completely new perspectives and original solutions to problems. ENFPs are oriented towards people and enjoy expressing their emotions and thoughts in social situations. 

As a result of the Intuitive (I) trait, they are very spontaneous people and make decisions before considering relevant information and thinking twice. Despite all these strengths, they also have some weaknesses. For example, they find it hard to follow the rules, are rather disorganized, and tend to overthink the things which don’t really matter. However, they are extremely successful in relationships. 

ENTP vs ENFP – The Comparison Of The Two Personalities

ENTPs and ENFPs clearly have plenty of things in common. They are both social people, who can interact with others easily and who prefer acting impulsively instead of thinking about making a decision for long. Can a difference in just one single personality trait influence their attitudes? Can they still get along? Let’s compare the values, leadership styles, and attitudes towards romance of ENTP vs ENFP. 


  • ENTPs are not very enthusiastic about romantic relationships. These people are more focused on details and try to estimate everything analytically. Deep down they are sensitive people but at a first glance, it’s very hard to notice. As a result, sometimes people think that they are strict and serious. Actually, ENTPs are fun-loving people who can fall in love deeply. 
  • ENFPs are warm, affectionate, and encouraging lovers. They value relationships and try to make their partners feel admired. Once they find someone they like, they can easily connect to them emotionally. Usually, they are looking for partners who will accept them with their strengths and weaknesses. 


  • As ENTPs believe, the most important thing in life is independence. They just can’t be dependent on someone and can’t follow already existing rules. They value liberty and autonomy and always try to explain it to others as well. Family is also very important for them. Sometimes ENTPs can sacrifice their own preferences for the sake of their family. 
  • Similar to ENTPs, ENFPs are very committed to their families and friends. They value kindness in others and always look for people who will care for them just like they do. They believe that individuality is the most important quality of people and each individual is unique. Besides, they value creativity and innovation. 


  • ENTPs are very creative people who can easily bring a fresh and new approach and deal with problems effectively. This could be one of the main reasons why they are excellent leaders. They are not natural leaders but their innovative vision always deserves attention from others and as a result, people like to be managed by ENTPs.
  • ENFPs are passionate leaders who would do anything in order to motivate their team members. They are inspiring, creative, and energetic and possess every single quality that’s required for leading the team efficiently. Their optimistic view of the problems often helps the team to actually succeed. 

Compatibility of ENTP and ENFP

ENTP and ENFP are very good matches in plenty of aspects. They get along in social situations, each of these personalities enjoys communicating with people and both of them can take risks just for fun. They are free spirits who value independence and liberty. Taking care of their loved ones is a priority for both ENTPs and ENFPs. Due to these similarities, they can get along in romantic relationships and build an ideal relationship.

ENTP and ENFP as a couple love to brainstorm together in order to take part in new, exciting, and rewarding experiences. Together they never get bored. Besides, this couple often inspires and impresses other people as well. 

Bottom Line

If you are an ENTP and have an ENFP partner or vice versa, we can certainly say that you’re lucky. These two people can easily accept each other’s strengths and weaknesses and love one another exactly as they are. Since both of them are very creative, sharing ideas is enough for them to create something unique together. Therefore, differences between ENTP vs ENFP are not a big deal for their relationship to work perfectly well.

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