Famous People With INFP Personality

Famous People With INFP Personality

INFPs or the Mediators, as they are often called, are relatively common in the population. The same applies to pop culture where you can find thousands of famous people with INFP personality types. The great part of these people are creative, idealist people, tied to their own principles. They experience plenty of different feelings but find it hard to express these emotions to others. 

However, INFPs enjoy expressing themselves through art, music, writing or acting and that’s why there are many famous actors, singers, artists, or authors with INFP personalities. Art is a common way for them to communicate with others and realize their creative potential. 

Usually, INFPs are taking care of others’ feelings and feel sensitive towards others but also, they tend to take everything too personally. As a result, sometimes they avoid social situations but when it comes to being a celebrity, it’s not really an option. Consequently, they have no other way but to deal with the paparazzi and the public. 

List Of Famous INFPs

Considering INFP is a frequent personality type in the population, it’s not surprising that many famous people are INFPs. Specifically, you can find lots of INFPs in modern pop culture, Hollywood, and the beauty industry, or among ancient philosophers or political figures. Let’s review the most widely recognized people with this personality type around the world. 

Hollywood Actors with INFP Personality

An acting career is considered suitable for INFPs. Many believe that they feel uncomfortable while speaking in front of others but actually, as practice shows, many widely admired Hollywood stars are actors. The reason is that INFPs have great skills in improvisation. 

  • Jude Law – a talented English Academy-winning actor (Sherlock Holmes, The Holiday, The Young Pope, Closer, The Talented Mr. Ripley).
  • Johnny Depp – American actor, popular for portraying diverse characters (Pirates of the Caribbean, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Alice in Wonderland, Sweeney Todd).
  • Nicolas Cage – American actor and director (Ghost Rider, National Treasure, Lord Of War, Gone in 60 Seconds).
  • Tom Hiddleston – American actor, popular for portraying Thor’s brother Loki (Thor, Crimson Peak, The Avengers, Only Lovers Left Alive).
  • Audrey Hepburn – an iconic actress from the Golden Age of Hollywood (Breakfast at Tiffany’s, My Fair Lady, Roman Holiday, Sabrina).
  • Heath Ledger – talented Australian young actor who died at the age of 28 (The Dark Knight, Brokeback Mountain, 10 Things I Hate About You, The Patriot, A Knight’s Tale).
  • Mia Farrow – American actress and former fashion model (Rosemary’s Baby, Death on the Nile 1978, Hannah and Her Sisters, The Great Gatsby). 

Musicians with INFP Personality

INFPs are generally artistic people, prone to have careers as actors, singers, dancers, etc. Although they don’t like to be noticed, they feel satisfaction when they get attention from others. By taking a look at the list of INFP musicians, you can be sure that INFPS are prone to have exceptional musical talent. 

  • Thom Yorke – the lead singer and songwriter of the American rock band Radiohead.
  • Kurt Cobain – lead singer, songwriter, and guitarist of the grunge band Nirvana. Died at the age of 27. 
  • Ian Curtis – vocalist and songwriter of the post-punk band Joy Division. 
  • Bob Marley – iconic Jamaican reggae musician, considered as one of the legendary singers of all time. 
  • Florence Welch – English singer and a lead vocalist of the indie rock band Florence and the Machine.
  • Chris Martin – lead singer and co-founder of popular alternative rock band Coldplay. 
  • Björk – Icelandic singer, songwriter, and actress, known for her solo musical work and diverse music styles. 

Authors with INFP Personality

INFP personality is common in both legendary and modern writers. There are many famous people with INFP personality types among modern writers, as well as authors from plenty of decades ago. The reason is that they are creative, have inspirational ideas, and dedication to work hard. However, they are over-critical of themselves which makes it hard sometimes to write down their thoughts and ideas. 

  • William Shakespeare – one of the greatest English writers, playwrights, and poets (Midsummer Night’s Dream, Comedy of Errors, Merchant of Venice, Hamlet).
  • George R. R. Martin – the author of epic fantasy novels A Song of Ice and Fire, and the producer of HBO’s Game Of Thrones which is based on his novel. 
  • J.K. Rowling – British writer and producer, famous for writing fantasy chronicles, Harry Potter.
  • Virginia Woolf – an innovative female writer of the 20th century, author of Mrs. Dalloway and To The Lighthouse. 
  • Antoine de Saint-Exupery – famous French writer and aviator, an author of the novel The Little Prince. 
  • George Orwell – an English writer who fought against totalitarianism, a supporter of democratic socialism, an author of Animal Farm and 1949. 

Fictional Characters with INFP Personality

As you can see, it’s hard to find famous people with INFP personality types and the same applies to fictional characters from movies, books, or TV shows. Generally, INFP characters are the main protagonists of the story who have a hard life but manage to survive in the end. Most of them are beloved characters for the fans. 

  • Luke Skywalker – one of the strongest Jedi in the entire universe of Star Wars who fought against the evil Empire, portrayed by Mark Hamill. 
  • Frodo Baggins – the main protagonist of the Lord Of The Rings trilogy, the Hobbit of the Shire, portrayed by Elijah Wood.
  • Bella Swan – the main character of Stephenie Meyer’s vampire-saga Twilight series, portrayed by Kristen Stewart.
  • Romeo Montague – the male protagonist of William Shakespeare’s tragedy, Romeo and Juliet, INFP just like the author, Shakespeare himself. 
  • Jane Eyre – Charlotte Brontë’s most famous female character from the novel of the same novel.
  • Scout Finch – a young girl and the main protagonist from Harper Lee’s novel To Kill a Mockingbird.

Anime Characters with INFP Personality

INFP personality is usual in the anime world as well. Today there are plenty of anime movies and series featuring characters with INFP personalities. Each of them is a strong character with deep inner worlds. 

  • Alphonse Elric – famous protagonist from the Fullmetal Alchemist manga series.
  • Ken Kaneki – a current student who studied Japanese literature who is now a father and a husband, the main protagonist from the Tokyo Ghoul series.
  • Gaara – former antagonist and one of the most beloved characters from the popular manga series Naruto. 
  • Shinji Ikari – the third child and the main protagonist from the Neon Genesis Evangelion.

Athletes with INFP Personality 

INFPs are quick problem solvers. They don’t spend hours thinking about a single issue but react instead. This indeed helps them in sports as well. INFP athletes stand out with their fast playing style and coordination. Even though they are considered more creative thinkers instead of sportive people, there are plenty of INFP athletes who fascinate the world with their talent!

  • Daniel Bryan – an American professional wrestler who rose to fame while wrestling in WWE, he’s considered as one of the best technical wrestlers of today. 
  • Kareem Abdul-Jabbar – American professional basketball player who played for popular teams such as Milwaukee Bucks or Los Angeles Lakers. He won MVP awards six times. 
  • Naomi Osaka –  a Japanese professional tennis player, one of the best female tennis players of all time who is the first Asian to be a four-time Grand Slam champion. 
  • Venus Williams – another female INFP professional tennis player, often considered as one of the best players of all time in women’s tennis, former number #1 in singles and doubles.

Filmmakers with INFP Personality 

Director is considered an ideal profession for INFPs. People with this personality type have plenty of new and original ideas that need to be realized into something practical. Besides, they are empathetic and take care of the actors on the set. Consequently, most people adore INFP directors, no matter whether they’ve worked with them or not. Their kind personality traits are just obvious.

  • Tim Burton – popular director, producer, and screenwriter, best known for creating fantasy and horror movies (Beetlejuice, Edward Scissorhands, Alice in Wonderland, The Nightmare Before Christmas, Big Fish). 
  • Wes Anderson – American director, popular for visually aesthetical movies and narrative style (The Royal Tenenbaums, Moonrise Kingdom, The Grand Budapest Hotel, The Darjeeling Limited). 
  • George Lucas – American director, producer, and screenwriter, popular for directing Star Wars and Indiana Jones movies. 
  • David Lynch – American director, writer, and visual artist, one of the most extraordinary filmmakers of all times (Twin Peaks, Mulholland Drive, Blue Velvet, Dune). 

INFP Famous People: Overview

INFPs are well-known daydreamers. However, it doesn’t seem to be a problem for them to set realistic goals and achieve them. In fact, there are a lot of INFP famous people in today’s pop culture that people admire. 

INFPs are deeply empathetic, caring, and creative people. As a result, professions such as an actor, musician, artist, author, or movie director are natural for them. They are good at thinking outside the box and creating something special. That’s exactly how famous INFP directors such as Wes Anderson or Tim Burton managed to create memorable pictures like Hotel Grand Budapest or Alice in Wonderland. Both these movies require plenty of talent, imagination, and originality.

Due to their hard-working style and idealistic nature, INFP celebrities quickly get at the center of attention, once they get involved in the entertainment industry. Remember the examples of popular actors such as Heath Ledger or Timothée Chalamet who started as newbies but quickly became one of the most highly demanded actors in Hollywood. Open-mindedness, loyalty, and devotion to work indeed help them to achieve success in whatever they do. 

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