Compatibility in Relationships – Comparison of the Personality Types

ISFJ and ISTJ from Myers-Briggs’ 16 personality types share as many as three personality traits. That’s why people often believe that these two types are highly compatible with each other. However, sometimes reality can be a little bit different. 

Although ISFJ and ISTJ have plenty of things in common, the difference in the Thinking (T) – Feeling (F) scale is enough to raise some problems sometimes. The controversy between rationality and emotions has been a matter of discussion since ancient times. Considering that even Greek philosophers were comparing thinking and feeling functions to each other, it’s no wonder that the difference between ISFJ vs ISTJ requires in-depth discussion. Let’s review these two personality types briefly and see how well they get along with each other. 

ISFJ – Introverted | Sensing | Feeling | Judging

ISFJs, also known as “the Defenders”, are practical people who are oriented towards details and work hard to achieve their goals. Although they don’t always express feelings, they tend to be warm towards others, always willing to help them. ISFJs take care of all the small details in their daily lives and don’t mind spending time making sure everything’s clear and fine. 

ISFJs are peacekeepers. They usually have diplomatic ability and often play the role of mediators when there’s trouble in a group. As a result of their wide imagination, they can quickly find innovative and practical solutions to various problems. Despite their creative potential, ISFJs find it hard to adapt to new situations. They hate when something drastically changes unless it’s vital for fixing a problem. 


ISTJ – Introverted | Sensing | Thinking | Judging

ISTJs also referred to as “the Logisticians”, are people who value loyalty. Just like ISFJs, they are detail-oriented and focus on every small thing that’s important for resolving problems effectively. Thanks to their excellent logic, they can make efficient plans and predict the results. These introverted people are highly dependable because they always follow the rules and never disappoint others. 

ISTJs are rather conservative, as they believe that traditions make sense even today. They are practical people who enjoy order and organization in every aspect of life. But if they are in disorganized situations, they become a little bit judgmental and blame others for not following rules. They are focused on the present, instead of the future. 

ISFJ and ISTJ in Relationships 

Considering that ISFJs and ISTJs are pretty much alike, at a first glance they can be a great match. Both of them are objective and logical and prefer face-to-face conversations to public talks. However, communication can be a challenging part of the relationship between these two types of people. The main reason is that ISFJs pay a lot of attention to the quality of relationships. They attach emotionally to their partners and breakups are painful to them. 

ISTJs, on the other hand, are more rational. Once they get bored of their partners, they can explicitly say it out loud, without worrying about the consequences. As a result, even if the relationship starts perfectly, as time goes by, it can worsen due to the differences in their personality traits. 

However, it doesn’t mean that they can’t prevent the risks. Both ISFJs and ISTJs like to solve problems efficiently. Therefore, proper conversation about difficulties can avoid further problems and help them have an ideal relationship. 

And the fact that both ISFJs and ISTJs have periods when they need to spend time all alone and focus on details, helps them to understand each other well. Both of them value following routines and schedules and the main difference is that ISTJS usually solve problems rationally, while ISFJs focus on their feelings. 

Differences between ISFJ vs ISTJ

ISFJs and ISTJS are very similar personality types with the main difference in the continuum of Feeling – Thinking. While ISTJs are focused on facts, ISTJS base their decisions on their emotions. Let’s discuss the core values, attitudes towards romance, and leadership styles of ISFJ vs ISTJ and see how much they look like each other in these aspects. 

Core Values

  • ISFJs value traditions. They believe that hard work and caring about others is vital to living their lives to the fullest. Besides, family and relationships, in general, are also very valuable for them. They tend to dedicate themselves to family and work.
  • Loyalty is the key value to ISTJ’s personality. They are driven by responsibility and aim to fulfill the work as effectively as possible. Besides, they want to be competent and consistent in everything they are involved in. Order and organization are some of their core values as well. 

Romantic Attitudes

  • Due to the fact that emotions contribute a lot to ISFJs behaviors, they tend to be very romantic people. They always try to support their partners and family both practically and emotionally. However, they usually aim for long-term relationships and start dating only after making sure that they can take the relationship to a more serious level. 
  • ISTJs don’t fall in love quickly. However, when they do, they can be more passionate than anyone can imagine. The reason why they hesitate in the beginning is that they want to ensure that their partner has every single trait that’s desirable for them. They usually prefer traditional gender roles and a loyal family with clear expectations. 


  • Considering their personality traits, ISFJs usually make great leaders. They are detail-oriented, organized, and can effectively finish everything that they start. However, they are quiet leaders. Most introverted people prefer to stay silent and the same applies to ISFJ leaders. They just set schedules and stick to them until they complete tasks.
  • ISTJs are extremely reliable leaders. Since they respect loyalty, they are loyal leaders themselves and have clear communication with people. Consequently, they can efficiently manage the team and avoid ambiguity. 

Final Words

To conclude, the ISFJ and ISTJ are some of the most interesting combinations of the 16 types of personalities. They share so many similar characteristics, like task orientation and dedication to family but the difference in Feeling and Thinking makes ISFJ vs ISTJ absolutely opposite sometimes. That’s why we can’t certainly say that ISFJs and ISTJs are completely compatible. 

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