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Do you know the difference on the introversion – extraversion scale can play a major role in building satisfying relationships? Well, if you don’t you should know that it actually does! If you are an extrovert and have plenty of personality traits in common with someone who is introverted, then you may result in plenty of troubles in communication.

That’s what happens with people who have ISFJ and ESFJ personalities from Myers-Briggs 16 personality inventory. At times they can build a perfect emotional bond but sometimes they can’t get along at all. Let’s find out more about the characteristics of ISFJ vs ESFJ and see how compatible these two personality types are. 

ISFJ: The Defender

ISFJs or “the defenders” are people with personality traits of Introversion (I), Observation (S), Feeling (F), and Judging (J). These people are very kind, and sensitive. As a result of their Feeling trait, they always care about others and that’s why people often rely on them. However, the sad thing is that while they are eager to help others, sometimes they forget to satisfy their own needs.

ISFJs are introverted people who hate changes. They find it hard to adapt to new situations and once something changes, they immediately become uncomfortable. People of this personality are specially oriented on details and this may be one of the reasons why their solutions tend to be practical and efficient. These down-to-earth people hate abstract concepts and disapprove of everything that’s non-realistic. 


ESFJ: The Consul

ISFJs or “the consuls” as they are called, are people with personality traits of Extraversion (E), Observation (S), Feeling (F), and Judging (J). They always care about others and their needs and try to encourage them in everything they start. ESFJs are extroverts and this really helps them to gain energy from communicating with people. 

Compared to other personality types, ESFJ is more frequent. Specifically, 9-13% of the population have a personality of this type. It needs to be noted that although ESFJs are always willing to help others, they also expect their kindness to be appreciated and noted. Therefore, they have a need to be liked by others. They adore being at the center of attention and can easily get hurt if people are indifferent towards them. 

ISFJ vs ESFJ: How Different are These Two Personalities?

As we already reviewed ISFJs and ESFJs briefly, now let’s dive deeper into these two personalities and see how different ISFJ vs ESFJ are in leadership, and romantic relationships, and what are their core values. 


  • ISFJs can make great leaders. However, people hardly notice that people of this personality can get the work done so easily. ISFJs are overly dedicated people who never miss deadlines, are extremely organized, and try so hard to ensure that the group works in harmony. Extreme focus on details helps them to perform work better than others. 
  • ESFJs are charismatic leaders. They are attention-seekers who find appreciation from group members vital but also, they can be extremely helpful to others. Due to their generous traits, ESFJs often share their experience with people and explain why it’s important to dedicate themselves to work. Self-discipline always helps them to achieve goals. 

Romantic Relationships

  • Romance is a big part of ISFJs life. Since they are Feeling personality, they are naturally warm and try to make other people feel better. So, consider ISFJs if you are looking for a caring partner. They are extremely committed and loyal in relationships but keep in mind that ISFJs expect the same from their partners. 
  • When it comes to relationships, ESFJs are one of the most passionate personalities. They are attracted to people who are ready to do extraordinary things with them, as they can easily get bored without new adventures. They are extremely warm and caring and maximally express their feelings. However, they usually look for soulmates who will stay in their life forever and will offer never-ending support. 


  • Although ISFJs are not very social, they value relationships the most. They are dedicated to finding people with whom they will have a stable and long-term relationship. Responsibility is also an essential value for them. They always try to finish everything that they started. They always keep promises and never hurt people.
  • Generosity is the main value for ESFJs. They always try to help others and share their experience without expecting anything in return. They also value harmony and security and try hard to satisfy others’ practical needs. Since harmony is vital for them, they try to create an organized atmosphere and avoid confusion. 

Compatibility of ISFJ and ESFJ

ISFJs and ESFJs share three personality traits: observation, feeling, and judging. They are both very empathetic people, care about others, and want to establish long-term relationships. Besides, both ISFJ and ESFJ are detail-oriented and try hard to achieve their goals. Therefore, many people believe that these two personalities are a perfect match. However, since ESFJ is extremely social and ISFJ prefers being alone, things can get complicated between them.

ESFJs are passionate lovers who like to go to social events and show off. However, introverted ISFJs prefer staying at home or going to quiet places most of the time. That’s the thing that they frequently argue about. But clear communication can help them to settle optimal goals and satisfy each other’s needs. Since both of them are very empathetic and caring, they can easily understand each others’ perspectives and develop a long-lasting relationship.

The fact that ISFJs and ESFJs value family and loyal relationships, help them to overcome troubles and dedicate themselves to each other. Therefore, we can say that despite some difficulties and controversies, they can be ideal partners to each other. 


Finally, we can conclude that ISFJs and ESFJs get along very well. They have so many things in common that only a single difference between ISFJ vs ESFJ personalities can’t be so big a problem for establishing a relationship. They both take care of others, work hard and focus on details. Therefore, whether you are ISFJ or ESFJ, if you meet a partner of this personality, don’t hesitate to get to know them.

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