Generally, compatible personalities from Myers-Briggs 16 types share at least one major personality trait. For example, ISTP and ESTJ, or ENFJ and INFP are considered some of the most compatible personalities. But when two types don’t share any of the four main personality traits, things between them can be more complicated.

Some people believe that there’s no way for completely different personalities to get along. Usually, ISTP and ENFJ are among the list of the least compatible personality types. However, it would be wrong to say that they can’t agree on anything in any situation. Although ISTPs and ENFJs are considered unsuitable to each other, either for romantic or friendly relationships, sometimes they can surprisingly share opinions on certain matters.

That’s why it’s important to compare the key characteristics of both ISTP vs ENFJ, point out the main differences in the way they think, behave or feel about different things. After that, we can see how well they can get along in everyday life and in relationships. 


ISTP: Key Characteristics

ISTP (the Crafter) is a personality type with the following traits: Introversion (I), Sensing (S), Thinking (T), Perceiving (P). The most obvious characteristic of people with this personality is that they are result-oriented, focused on achieving their goals, and succeeding in whatever they do. They enjoy being alone and thinking about their plans and the future in general. 

ISTPs are independent people. They adore taking part in hazardous activities like scuba diving or flying a plane. They frequently take risks in order to have new and thrilling experiences. Besides, they are rational, down-to-earth people and hate relying on abstract information. All they care about is facts. Although they are not sensitive, they take care of their family and friends, meaning that you can absolutely rely on people with this personality type. 


ENFJ: Key Characteristics

ENFJ (the Giver) is a personality type with the following traits: Extraversion (E), Intuition (N), Feeling (F), Judging (J). It’s the most generous personality of the 16 types of MBTI. ENFJs are warm, loyal people who easily understand how others feel. Even more, sometimes they are too sensitive about things that don’t directly affect their lives. 

Although they enjoy giving people things and sharing their experiences, it doesn’t mean that they’re necessarily protagonists of the scene. They can easily influence people and sometimes even manipulate them. However, generally, ENFJs tend to be altruistic, having a strong desire to help people and make them feel better. They enjoy outdoor activities, spending time with people, and encouraging them. Most times, they have many friends and don’t like being on their own. 

ISTP vs ENFJ – Comparison Of Two Personality Types

It’s nothing difficult to find the differences between ISTPs and ENFJs. These two personalities consist of four absolutely different personality traits. Considering this, finding the similarities between them is much harder. However, if we take a look at their basic values, leadership styles, and attitudes towards romantic relationships, we can see that sometimes even these different personalities can act or think in the same way. Let’s compare ISTP vs ENFJ and see how similar they can be. 

Leadership Style

  • Typically, ISTPs don’t like leadership positions. Although they carry plenty of characteristics that can be ideal for leaders, these people prefer working on their own. But leaders always have to cooperate with others and work in teams. However, their skills of orientation on the work and focus on the details help them to become excellent leaders. 
  • ENFJs are the kind of leaders people always admire. Supporting their team members, encouraging them, and taking care of their needs are some of the main priorities of ENFJ leaders. Typically, they invest all of their effort to improve the organization and provide better service. They always care about the well-being of their team members. 

Romantic Relationships

  • ISTPs enjoy being independent even in love. This means that they are looking for private space in relationships. They are not very romantic, focusing on practical things and everyday problems rather than planning romantic trips with their partner. However, they easily fall in love. Sometimes love changes their rational nature. 
  • When it comes to love, ENFJs often become too sensitive. Sometimes they are afraid of relationships because for them falling in love means dedicating their whole life to another person. ENFJs love so deeply that they can get lost in their emotions. Usually, they are attracted to confident and kind people with a sense of humor. 

Core Values

  • Trust is the main value of ISTPs. Being introverted can be one of the reasons why they can’t just communicate with everyone. They tend to interact with people they completely trust and have faith in. Besides, they value adventure, taking risks, and gaining new experiences. 
  • Altruism is the main motivation for ENFJs. They are kind-hearted people, willing to help others without getting anything in return. The reason is that they value harmony and try to bring back the natural balance of the world. They believe that everyone should express their feelings to others. To them, that’s just one way of making the world a little better. 

The Relationship Between ISTP and ENFJ – Do They Get Along?

Many people believe that ISTPs and ENFJs just can’t get along. But actually, their differences can play an important role in cohabitation with one another. ISTP and ENFJ can work together really well and have plenty of mutual interests. That’s because introverts can balance extraverts and sensitive people can make logical ones think about their feelings and vice versa. But it’s only in casual relationships. When it comes to love, things are different.

In fact, ISTPs and ENFJs don’t attract each other. ISTPs consider ENFJs’ feelings too pathetic while ENFJs are looking for romance instead of logic. As a result, they hardly fall in love with each other and even if they do, their relationship doesn’t last for long. 


Despite plenty of differences between ISTP vs ENFJ, people with those two personality types can have a very interesting relationship. They have different opinions about most things and therefore, listening to each other can be helpful and informative to them. As a result, they can be great friends but unfortunately, most times their romantic relationship doesn’t work.