Many people constantly search for their soulmates. However, finding an ideal partner who will love and support you no matter what happens, can be a hard task. But that’s how Myers-Briggs 16 personality indicator can be helpful. By understanding your personality, you can find out who can be compatible with you, and that way, you can even find an ideal partner.

ISFP and ESFJ are among those few personalities that are considered an ideal match. They share two major personality traits (Sensing and Feeling) and plenty of major functions. Both of them tend to be energetic, creative, and charismatic, focused on establishing strong emotional connections. Although they are dreamers, they live in the present and realize that taking care of nowadays problems is more important than making plans for the distant future. 

ISFPs are Introverted (I) people and always hesitate before they go out and start communicating but ESFJs are Extroverted (E) and adore interacting with others. Still, their two dominant functions, Extraverted Feeling (Fe) and Introverted Feeling (Fi) match each other ideally and as a result, we get a perfect couple. Let’s compare the main characteristics of ISFP vs ESFJ and find out more about their relationship. 


A Brief Review Of ISFP: The Adventurer

ISFPs (Introverted, Sensing, Feeling, Perceiving) are quiet and creative people. They are focused on the present moment and try to live their life to the fullest. Communicating with people and especially, speaking out loud with strangers is a very uncomfortable situation for them. Therefore, they always try to avoid social situations. Instead, they take part in private activities with pleasure to avoid stress and anxiety.

ISFPs are also referred to as Adventurers or Artists. That’s because they are extremely creative people, always in search of new adventures. They prefer to take part in those adventures all alone, though. The main reason is that they have a strong need for private space and can’t stand it when others get involved in their duties. They are very reliable people and are often viewed as dream employees, due to their innovative ideas and responsibility. Being introverts doesn’t stop them from being excellent mediators and cooperating with the team members effectively.


A Brief Review Of ESFJ: The Caregiver

ESFJs (Extraverted, Sensing, Feeling, Judging) are pragmatic people. They are action-oriented, focused on their goals, and have hands-on-approach on their duties. Although they believe that taking care of the future is very important, they prefer to be oriented toward their present goals and achieve success now and there. ESFJs are good at planning things ahead. They have a very well-organized schedule and follow strict orders every day. While it helps them to achieve their goals effectively, on the other hand, the main purpose of these plans is that they can’t adapt to changes and new challenges. 

They often rely on emotions and when it comes to making important choices, they often lose sight of objective information and facts. Besides, ISFPs are intolerant when people make mistakes, meaning that they can be a bit perfectionists too. 

INFP vs ESFJ: Comparison Of Attitudes

Since we already mentioned that INFPs and ESFJs are ideal partners, saying that they share plenty of characteristics wouldn’t be a surprise. In fact, people with these two personality types have clear communication patterns with each other. They easily find solutions to mutual problems and understand one another’s strengths and weaknesses. Let’s compare the leadership styles, romantic relationships, and values of INFP vs ESFJ. 

Leadership Styles

  • Being a leader is not natural for INFPs. They are very mild and gentle people who prefer following others instead of leading the team. However, if they get into leadership positions, they are extremely compassionate and understanding. They can be effective leaders if the work is about helping others and cooperating with them. But they are not great managers and feel stressed if they have to engage the team. 
  • ESFJs like to lead the team. Due to their extroversion, they adore communicating with people and dividing duties between them. They are loyal and always try to share the work fairly. Be careful of ESFJ leaders if you’re going to be careless at work. They demand to put all your effort into work and that’s exactly how they achieve success. 


  • Liberty and authenticity are some of the core values of ISFPs. They are driven by the sense of freedom and want to be original in every area of life. They value the present and the future almost equally, making practical decisions in the present while taking care of the future as well. 
  • ESFJs value support and safety. They make sure that their loved ones feel secure in the first place and focus on their goals only afterward. Besides, they are very generous and never hesitate to share their material or emotional resources. Creating a warm environment either at work or at home is a priority for them. 


  • ISFPs like strong emotional connections and steady relationships. Usually, they don’t approve of switching partners frequently and want to find their soulmate with whom they can be for the rest of their lives. They don’t really say emotional words but still manage to make their partners feel they are loved. 
  • ESFJs enjoy showing that they are in love. Once they start dating someone, they immediately tell their friends and family that they’re happy and maybe even announce it on social media. They are caring lovers but seek support from their partners as well. 

The Reasons Of Being An Ideal Match

It turns out that focus on emotions is the main thing that makes the relationship between ISFP and ESFJ perfect. Both of them believe that their lives are unimaginable without emotional support and that’s exactly what they are looking for in relationships. 

The same attitude towards love can be enough for dating each other for a long time and having an excellent relationship. Even though ISFPs enjoy private activities and ESFJs prefer going out with their wide circle of friends, they can easily adapt to each other’s requirements. Actually, ISFPs enjoy ESFJ’s social needs, while ESFJs respect ISFP’s requirement to give them private space from time to time. 

Bottom Line

As you can see, sometimes sharing just two major personality traits is enough for perfectly getting along. The relationship between these two personalities proves that when it comes to love, differences between the characteristics of ISFP vs ESFJ can be neglected. Keep in mind that ISFPs and ESFJs can also be best friends and this fact makes their relationship even more perfect.  

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