Sometimes people think that ISFPs and ESTJs shouldn’t be compatible since they share only one major trait. In fact, Sensing (S) is what they have in common. Both of these personalities from Myers-Briggs 16 types are sensible people who focus on the facts instead of finding deeper meaning in things. They process information just as they receive it, without further interpretation. 

Is this small similarity enough for getting along? Can they form a strong bond? According to common sense, it’s impossible to be compatible with so few similarities but the facts state otherwise. Believe it or not, ISFPs and ESTJs are perfect partners for each other and as a result, they are considered an ideal match.

Just like in every relationship, here as well, some problems tend to arise. ESTJ is an outgoing type, prefers to interact with people and take part in new experiences. On the other hand, ISFP quickly gets tired of social situations and wants to be alone most of the time. Besides, ESTJ is a Thinker (T), meaning that they process information based on logic but unlike them, ISFPs rely on emotions. 

This article will provide an in-depth comparison of ISFP vs ESTJ and see how people with these two personality types can get along as romantic partners. 


ISFP – Introversion | Sensing | Feeling | Perceiving

ISFPs are quiet people. If you know somebody who prefers to stay out of the spotlight on every occasion, even if they’ve just achieved success, chances are high that ISFP is their personality type. ISFPs are very stubborn as well. They will remain quiet if everything happens according to their desires but otherwise, they may cause trouble and create a mess. The reason is that they want to keep things as clear and uncomplicated as possible.

Since ISFP is a Feeling (F) personality, they tend to take care of others’ emotions, instead of their own. They are empathetic towards others and always try to make sure that people who are close to them feel well. They enjoy thinking about the present moment rather than worrying about the things that haven’t happened yet. They are practical, loyal, and self-reserved people who take action instead of dreaming about a better life. 


ESTJ – Extraversion | Sensing | Thinking | Judging

ESTJs are also referred to as the Directors. Indeed, they enjoy leading and have great organizational skills. People with this personality can’t bear changes. They feel comfortable even if they live in the same way for years. That’s why they always try to bring order and structure in every area of their life. Family members of ESTJs often say that they are predictable people. It’s not very hard to read ESTJs’ minds because they always follow the same routine. Besides, they are very practical. Thanks to their analytical minds, they can easily come up with powerful solutions. 

One of the things that people adore about ESTJs is that they never hesitate to share their opinion with others. They are sincere and generous people and enjoy when they help others. Consequently, they tend to deserve recognition from the public. However, they are not very good at expressing feelings, and sometimes, they are seen as rigid, traditional people who are afraid of new challenges. Actually, they just feel uncomfortable when things change. 

ISFP vs ESTJ – Major Differences

While at a first glance these two personalities seem completely different from each other, if we take a closer look at the comparison of ESFP vs ESTJ, we will soon find out that actually they have so much in common. Let’s compare ISFPs and ESTJs in love and leadership, and discuss their main values. 

In Love

  • ISFPs are typically warm and caring partners. They always try to show love with their actions. As a result, if you’re dating an ISFP, expect romantic dates and memorable fights. They are very romantic and would do anything in order to express affection. When they fall in love, they fall deeply and can’t think of anything besides their partner. 
  • ESTJs like traditional relationships. They dream of establishing a strong connection with their partner with mutual respect and understanding. Since they are far from being romantic, they usually fall for sensitive people because they want to feel loved. They easily get attracted to self-confident and strong people with determined goals in life. 


  • ISFPs rarely take leadership positions because their typical personality is far from giving out directions and interacting with people. However, attention towards emotions helps them to improve either team members’ mood if they become leaders. They put the emotional state of people in the first place rather than focusing on achievements. 
  • ESTJs easily become powerful leaders. They’re objective, practical, and self-determined and all of these personality signs are important for effective leadership. ESTJs can quickly organize the team and make proper decisions to get things done and achieve success. 

Main Values 

  • Since ISFPs are caring people, they value family and home and constantly try to make their loved ones feel well. They are considered idealistic people with a strong need for freedom. They hate traditions and try to change their lives according to their personal needs. 
  • ESTJs also put the family first place. They would even sacrifice themselves in order to defeat their children, parents, or siblings. The reason may be the fact that they place a great emphasis on traditions and live according to whatever they believe is right. 

ISFP & ESTJ – Compatibility In Relationships

Despite sharing only one major personality trait, ISFPs and ESTJs are considered perfect partners. At a first glance, it’s a bit strange because ISFPs hate following traditions while ESTJs prefer living based on fixed principles. Also, ESTJs enjoy communicating with people while ISFPs tend to be shy in social situations. However, their ways of making decisions balance each other and they have the same values about love.

ESTJs adore ISFPs’ sensitivity. They don’t know how to express emotions and want somebody who will help them realize what they feel. ISFPs enjoy taking care of others and expressing empathy and therefore, they can easily understand each others’ emotional conditions. Both of these personalities value justice, sincerity, and freedom and want to have strong, long-term relationships.

Bottom Line

After all the discussion, we can conclude that even people of completely different preferences, values, and characteristics can get along either as friends or romantic partners. It seems like the differences between ISFP vs ESTJ can’t be an interfering factor for them to date each other for a long time and have a satisfying relationship. 

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