How To Tell the Difference Between These Two Personality Types

Are you a creative person with high empathy towards others just like INFJs, or a hard-working and reliable type of person similar to ISFJs? Or maybe you are trying to find out more about these two types of people. In any way, you are at the right place, because in this article we will review the basic characteristics of these two personalities separately and confront INFJ vs ISFJ with each other to see their compatibility level.

INFJ and ISFJ are two types from Myers-Briggs’ 16 personality types. While INFJ is one of the rarest personalities in the world, ISFJ is a more common type. Therefore, if you are an ISFJ and have found someone with an INFJ personality, don’t hesitate to chat with them and understand the similarities between your thoughts and behaviors. The main difference between these two is their sensitive and intuitive cognitive functions. 

INFJ: Introversion | Intuition | Feeling | Judging

If your new acquaintance is strangely sensitive towards your needs, then the chances are high that he or she is an INFJ. Why so? Because INFJs or the Advocates, as they are often called, are one of the most sensitive personalities from the 16 types. They have strong empathy, leading them to understand others’ emotions and consider their perspectives. However, keep in mind that they are introverted types and avoid starting a conversation with strangers. 

Although they are eager to help others, self-improvement is no less valuable for ISFJs. Consequently, they will bring themselves ahead of everything and everyone in order to get what they need. The reason is that INFJs are perfectionists and they feel anxiety if they have trouble achieving their goals. They enjoy solving problems by using their creative potential. 


ISFJ: Introversion | Intuition | Feeling | Judging

ISFJs are introverted people, generally considered as one of the most trustworthy personalities. They usually dedicate themselves to work and try hard to achieve their goals. Performing well is a great motivator for them without any awards and recognition and as a result, sometimes people take advantage of their humble nature and use them for their own aims. However, ISFJs are very warm-hearted and can rarely get angry even in situations like this.

ISFJs are also known as the Protectors. That’s because they take others’ needs into account and try to protect them and help them. Interpersonal relationships are an essential part of their daily life.  Although they are introverted, they often communicate with others and try to connect with people emotionally. Surprisingly, sometimes they put others ahead of themselves to ensure that they are happy and satisfied enough.

Are ISFJ and INFJ Compatible With Each Other? 

Although the difference between Sensing (S) and Intuition (N) traits is very important for developing successful relationships, the answer is yes, ISFJ and INFJ are perfectly compatible for romantic relationships. But only if both of them are ready to accept each others’ strengths and weaknesses. 

In most cases, INFJs and ISFJs have successful relationships. Since they are both Feeling (F) personalities, they always take care of each other’s emotional state and care about one another. The main difference between them is that INFJs are idealistic while ISFJs tend to be more pragmatic. 

However, together they can be productive in achieving their life goals. The reason is that INFJs have the ability to generate innovative ideas and solve problems creatively. On the other hand, ISFJs are detail-oriented and can look at things from a wide perspective. As a result, these two types of people have the potential to find a perfect balance and build a long-lasting relationship. 

INFJ vs ISFJ: Comparison of Main Characteristics 

Before we discuss key differences between INFJ vs ISFJ in basic values, attitudes towards romantic relationships, and leadership styles, it’s important to point out general things that make things a bit complicated for these two together. 

In fact, INFJs believe that their main strength is an ability to look at things from a wide perspective. However, ISFJs don’t consider this as an advantage at all and prefer to focus on details. Consequently, INFJs have more complex ideas and are more aware of their own thoughts and emotions.

Basic Values

  • INFJs value authenticity. They would like to stand out by their creativity and implement innovative and original ideas. Although appreciation is important, they can give up their goals in order to help others. The reason is that they’re always looking for harmony in life.  
  • ISFJs are altruistic by nature. Therefore, they value helping others without expecting something in return. They like describing their inner world and get along with people who express their thoughts without hesitation. Since they are idealists, they enjoy the feeling of having fulfilled their duties without any mistakes. Recognition from the public is not important for them. 

Leadership Style

  • INFJs are quiet, yet effective leaders who would do everything to get the work done. Since they are prone to perfectionism, they pay attention to every detail and demand the same from the teammates. However, let’s not forget that they enjoy supporting other people. Therefore, if you have troubles at work and your boss is INFJ, you can easily ask them for help without worrying about the consequences. 
  • ISFJs are traditional leaders, focused on solving problems in conventional ways and setting realistic goals. They are always ready to help their team members and suggest practical solutions. The majority of ISFJs don’t enjoy leadership positions and prefer to work on their own without guiding others.


  • INFJs have very high expectations of their love life and their potential partners. That’s probably one of the reasons why they don’t fall in love very easily. But since an INFJ is a feeling personality, sometimes they don’t neglect their priorities and let themselves fall in love. If your partner is INFJ, you are lucky because they are passionate lovers and try their best to please their lovers. 
  • ISFJs can be perfect lovers as well. They are very attentive to the needs of their partner and try hard to make them happy. So, if you are looking for a warm-hearted partner who’s enthusiastic to be in a long-term relationship, look for ISFJs but keep in mind that they are affectionate only if their partner is considering their needs as well. 

So, can INFJ and ISFJ be together?

The short answer is yes, they can. As you can see, due to their similar characteristics INFJ and ISFJ have a great potential to build a long-lasting and successful relationship. They are both introverted types, both of them avoid social situations and value being warm towards others. Therefore, in spite of differences between INFJ vs ISFJ, they can be a perfect couple if they accept each other’s strengths and weaknesses. 

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