Core Values, Key Differences and Compatibility in Relationships

Did you know that the extraversion and introversion spectrum difference is not very important in establishing a relationship successfully? Many people believe extroverts and introverts just can’t get along. But actually, today psychologists suggest that extraversion-introversion is just a continuum and we can vary from one end to another according to the situation. So, what does it mean? It means that even though INTJ and ENTJ are different with this one personality trait, they can still perfectly get along.

INTJ and ENTJ are two personalities from Myers-Briggs 16 personality types. They share three major traits: Intuition (N), Thinking (T), and Judging (J). Therefore, they are both rational people who prefer to consider everything before making decisions and they make sure that things are ideally organized before taking part in anything. Let’s review INTJ vs ENTJ briefly and see how well they can get along in romantic relationships and how different they are.

INTJ: Introversion | Intuition | Thinking | Judging 

INTJs are extremely responsible people who always set their plans clearly before taking any action. They are rational thinkers, meaning that their decisions always depend on objective information and not on their subjective feelings. Actually, they don’t pay attention to emotions at all, and even more, INTJs find it hard to express their feelings to people they care about. They are introverted people, prefer staying at home and solving any problem on their own. 

Since INTJs like taking part in theoretical discussions, they often concentrate on abstract information, and as a result, sometimes they seem rather idealistic and dreamy people. INTJs don’t like new situations and in order to avoid confusion, they organize every single detail in advance. Their perfectionism can be problematic to communicating with others effectively. INTJs are often referred to as Architects


ENTJ: Extraversion | Intuition | Thinking | Judging 

ENTJs have great analytical skills. They enjoy spending time with others and discussing important things in groups of people. Frequent communication is vital for them as it fills them with energy and makes them feel more confident. ENTJs don’t usually focus on the present. They are more likely to make plans for the future and use theoretical information to come up with new ideas. However, they focus on objective information while making decisions.

Since ENTJ is a thinking personality, expressing feelings is a little bit odd for them. They have planned everything in advance and believe that there’s no time for emotions. Predicting the future gives them a sense of control which is essential as they don’t like unexpected changes. Sometimes they can be stubborn, impatient, and even aggressive. ENTJs are often referred to as Commanders

INTJ vs ENTJ: Major Differences

INTJ and ENTJ are pretty much alike. Both of them are thinking personalities, avoid expressing feelings towards others, prefer organized schedules, and consider everything rationally before making a decision. However, in social situations, they are absolutely different. The reason is that INTJ is an introverted type, while ENTJ is an extroverted personality. Let’s compare the values, leadership styles, and attitudes towards romance of INTJ vs ENTJ.

Core Values

  • INTJs do believe that knowledge is power. They aim to understand the hidden meanings of life and find out the truth in everything, inside or outside them. They value the truth and would like to understand the purpose of their life. They don’t consider social rules necessary at all and even more, they try to fight against basic traditions in order to find a completely new world.
  • ENTJs value sincerity. They always try to be as honest as possible and demand the same from others. Therefore, they never pretend to be someone else and come as they are. Competence is no less important for ENTJs. They want to achieve all of their goals and only after that can they feel competent enough. That’s why they always accept challenges. 


  • INTJs are thoughtful leaders who can effectively predict the future and set efficient goals. Their creativity gives them an opportunity to come up with creative ideas and implement them. They tend to focus on details and organize the team in order to achieve goals. And their strategies always lead to great results. 
  • ENTJs are also strategic leaders who use their creative potential to generate new ideas and solve problems quickly and effectively. They are motivated to change the future and to do this, they implement smaller milestones before they finally achieve bigger plans. ENTJs usually bring order and justice to the team. 


  • Due to their thinking trait, INTJs are not romantic people at all. They look at love rationally and try to plan their steps in order to attract their partners and earn their affection. However, when it comes to romantic relationships, this strategy doesn’t really work. As a result, INTJs find it hard to find a suitable partner. 
  • Just like INTJs, ENTJs also plan their romantic relationships strategically. However, due to their extroversion, they manage to attract their possible partners. They enjoy having the dominant roles in relationships and enjoy when their partner follows their way. As a result of planning things in advance, they are not very romantic, when it comes to love. 

Compatibility of INTJ and ENTJ

INTJ and ENTJ are often considered some of the best matches for romantic relationships. The fact that INTJ doesn’t feel comfortable in groups of people while ENTJ thinks socialization is vital, doesn’t prevent them from being a perfect couple. Actually, this difference balances their relationship. 

None of these two personalities tend to express their emotions openly, and both plan the relationship strategically. Therefore, even while their relationship can’t involve dancing in the rain, counting stars together, and other “cliche” things, both of them prefer to argue about theoretical ideas. 

Therefore, they perfectly get along and are satisfied with the relationship that helps them to grow intellectually and realize their creative potential. 

Bottom Line

After comparing INTJ vs ENTJ to each other and discussing their main characteristics, now we can conclude that people of these two personality types have a lot in common. Both of them are rational thinkers, like to plan and organize everything and take every single detail into consideration. As a result, they completely understand each other and fill one another when necessary. This is why INTJ and ENTJ are often considered dream couples for many people.

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