Many of Myers-Briggs’ 16 personality types are often confused with each other because of similar traits and characteristics. ENTP and ENTJ are among those personalities that are pretty much alike. Considering this, it’s not a big surprise why they get along with each other very easily. In fact, ENTPs and ENTJs have a good chance to build a healthy and long-lasting relationship either as romantic partners, friends, or co-workers. 

Both ENTPs and ENTJs are ambitious people who tend to focus on logic and rational thoughts and refuse to express what they feel. They believe that subjective feelings lead people into making wrong decisions. Therefore, they prefer to consider factual information and solve problems in that way. One more important thing about them is that neither ETPs nor ENTJs spent time to impress others. It’s not important for them but usually, they still move others by just acting naturally. 

Let’s review the main characteristics of ENTP vs ENTJ, compare their personality traits, and see how compatible they are in romantic relationships. 


ENTP: The Debater

ENTPs (Extraverted, Intuitive, Thinking, Judging) are very innovative people who often fascinate others with their creative and original ideas. They hate following the rules and don’t like behaving in the same routine manner every day. Therefore, they often change their lifestyle and try to explore the world as much as possible. They have amazing cognitive skills and tend to be very logical when it comes to abstract discussions. That’s why they’re also called the Debaters

ENTPs like to communicate with others. They are extroverted and outgoing people who enjoy being in various social situations. The main reason why people enjoy interacting with them is that they have a unique perspective of life and don’t hesitate to share their ideas with others. They are always in search of new and extraordinary experiences. 


ENTJ: The Commander

ENTJs (Extraverted, Intuitive, Thinking, Judging) stand out with their organizational skills. They are very rational people who always plan ahead and never act impulsively. They’re very confident and authoritative people who enjoy being leaders either at work, in family, or around friends. Also, they are reliable but can be aggressive and stubborn which is why sometimes people avoid interacting with them. 

ENFJs are known as the Commanders. They are actually very good at making decisions and solving problems and can easily help the team achieve success. They are not very good at expressing emotions but it doesn’t mean that they don’t feel anything. Actually, they worry about their loved ones and try to make them feel loved in their own way. The reason why they tend to hide their feelings is that ENTJs consider it as a sign of weakness. 

Compatibility of ENTP and ENTJ – Do They Get Along?

ENTPs and ENTJs are a great match for romantic relationships. Although they are not considered ideal partners, still, they can build strong bonds and date each other for a long time without any problems. The main reason for their compatibility is that they think pretty much the same way. Although ENTP is a Perceiving (P) personality, meaning they are flexible and open-minded people, while ENTJ is a Judging (J) personality, preferring order in the world, they like each other’s points of view.

Both ENTPs and ENTJs look for new experiences. Therefore, they enjoy hearing one another’s opinions about various things and discussing them together. However, in order to avoid confrontation, they shouldn’t forget to communicate in a reasonable way. Since both of them have Extroverted, Intuitive, and Thinking personalities, they enjoy going out, taking part in theoretical disputes, and looking for deeper meanings in things and people. 

ENTP vs ENTJ: The Differences In Personality 

The main difference between ENTP vs ENTJ is that the former is Perceiving (O) type, while the latter is Judging (J). However, this small difference turns out not to be so big deal for them, as they still have plenty of things in common. As a result, their attitudes towards work, love, and life in general, are very similar. They enjoy planning everything ahead and spend time in social situations. Let’s compare their main values, leadership styles, and romantic relationships. 

Main Values

  • ENTPs value liberty. They are independent people who hate to follow the already existing world and always strive to achieve freedom and autonomy. They are extremely creative people who want to general new ideas in order to explore the world. Despite their independence, they deeply care for their family members. 
  • ENTJs are goal-oriented people whose main dream is to achieve all of their aims. They enjoy competitions. Actually, it stimulates them and gives them the energy to continue their work. Therefore, challenges are very stimulating for them. They like hierarchy and tend to enjoy being in higher ranks.

At Work

  • The creativity of ENTPs is the main reason why they tend to be successful at work. They can generate innovative ideas in minutes and impress everyone. Consequently, they are very effective leaders. They can quickly find solutions even to the hardest problems, mainly because of their clear vision for the future. 
  • Needless to say that ENTJs are successful leaders. Excellent organizing skills and orientation on goals help them to influence people and become leaders. They have a complex understanding of problems and usually view things from various viewpoints. They can improve the system with their efficient plans. 

In Love

  • When it comes to romance, ENTPs are very unique lovers. Falling in love is a bit scary for them but when they do, they quickly realize that actually, it can be a new and rewarding experience for them. They are very warm partners and enjoy showing their loved ones how much they appreciate them. 
  • ENTJs are very supportive, warm, and sometimes even sentimental in relationships. However, at a first glance, they look like robotic people who don’t think about relationships at all. Actually, they love in their own way. They are committed to their partners and demand loyalty from them as well. 

Final Words

Now as we already compared ENTP vs ENTJ and reviewed their main characteristics, we can certainly say that people with these two personality types get along very well. They have similar attitudes towards work and believe that everybody should contribute to the team and consider each others’ perspectives while making decisions. The same applies to romantic relationships. Both of them are loyal partners who enjoy being loved but have trouble expressing their feelings.