Judging (J) personalities tend to be very objective. They usually stand out with the ability to think analytically and prefer things to be perfectly organized. The most obvious and common characteristic of people with this personality trait is the fondness of order and traditions. Therefore, Myers-Briggs’s personality types with this trait usually get along with each other. 

Speaking of the Judging (J) trait, that’s exactly what ESFJs and INTJs have in common. People with INTJ personalities are usually very creative and easily generate innovative ideas while ESFJs are empathetic. They easily get along with MBTI types with Thinking (T) traits because they enjoy helping people in taking care of others’ feelings. On the other hand, INTJs are absolutely rational people who can help you realize whether your plans are optimal for self-development or not.

Since ESFJs and INTJs don’t have many things in common, no one would be surprised if we say that they’re not an ideal match. However, as many couples say, their relationship still works. Let’s find out more about the personality signs of ESFJ vs INTJ and see if they really get along in social relationships. 


ESFJ – Extraversion | Sensing | Feeling | Judging

ESFJ is one of the most generous personality types from Myers-Briggs 16 personalities. As a result, people with this personality are also called Caregivers. This means that they give out not only material things but emotional support as well. These people have a strong sense of empathy and therefore, they just can’t imagine a day without taking care of someone who is in trouble. They are very sensitive towards others’ needs but also, helping people just makes them feel better about themselves.

ESFJs enjoy standing out in huge communities. They like when people notice their effort to improve society and enjoy being appreciated. Also, they are very practical, meaning that people can easily rely on them. ESFJs just never disappoint anybody and especially, important people. However, sometimes they are rather rigid and feel anxious about possible changes. 


INTJ – Introversion | Intuition | Thinking | Judging

If your acquaintance is very creative, and logical at the same time, chances are high that INTJ is their personality type. Considering their dominant function of Introverted Intuition (Ni), people with INTJ personalities are always in search of new possibilities and deeper meanings in life. They just can’t stick to the same routine every day. All they need is a fresh start to realize their inspiration and start doing something creative. 

INFJs rarely live in the present moment. It’s more common for them to think about the future. Surprisingly, although they hate the routine, INTJs enjoy order and organization. They tend to plan things in advance to avoid confusion later. They’re always ready for making individual interpretations. Once they hear a new fact, they start thinking about its hidden meaning. As a result, they always have clear goals and don’t feel lost even in tough times. 

How Do ESFJs and INTJs Get Along?

ESFJs and INTJs have completely different opinions about many areas of life. However, it doesn’t mean that they can’t get along. Actually, they enjoy asking each other what they think about specific matters because they like estimating things from different perspectives. At a first glance, it’s nothing important but, to be honest, that’s what makes the relationship between ESFJs and INTJs keep going. 

Usually, their relationship looks a bit troubled from the outside. They frequently argue about everyday problems and can’t agree to a certain solution but surprisingly, many ESFJ and INTJ couples enjoy it. Together, they can take part in the extraordinary journey. 

ESFJ vs INTJ: Comparison

Now as we already know that having three major personality traits different from each other is not a big deal for ESFJs and INTJs, it’s time to focus on their differences and discuss the comparison between ESFJ vs INTJ more closely. Let’s explore their attitudes towards romantic relationships, main values, and leadership styles. 

Romantic Relationships 

  • ESFJs can’t imagine their relationships without romance. They believe that romantically expressing feelings is vital for couples. Therefore, they always try to make their partners feel loved and receive the same in return. However, they don’t trust people very easily and consequently, don’t fall in love quickly.
  • Some people think that INTJs are completely unable to act romantically but it’s not true. Actually, they prefer to focus on more practical things but it doesn’t mean that they don’t try to express their feelings. They easily understand their partners’ feelings as well but find it hard to talk about those things loudly. 

Main Values

  • Having stable social relationships is the most important thing for ESFJs. Therefore, they value home and family in the first place, followed by friendships and romantic relationships. Only after that do they take care of their personal goals, finances, or health. 
  • INTJs are individualistic people, focused on their personal concerns such as health and well-being. They have a big desire to understand the world and as a result, they always try to get as much knowledge as possible. They value achievement and personal development more than friendship or other relationships. 


  • Just like in everything, ESFJs act empathetically in the workplace as well. They are very generous and caring leaders, who never forget to think about their team members’ needs and requirements. They pay attention to everyone’s priorities and make decisions only afterward. Sometimes this leads to slow progress, though. 
  • The leader role is natural for INTJs. Although they are introverted and don’t like being with people, their excellent skills of planning strategically make them amazing leaders. INTJs have the natural power to realize their plans and implement innovative ideas. As a result, their team members usually seek ISTJs for help when it comes to difficult issues. 

Bottom Line

After the in-depth discussion and comparison of ESFJ vs INTJ, now we can certainly say that these two personality types can build a strong bond. Even though INTJ is completely individualistic while ESFJ is a collectivist, they balance each other because ESFJs naturally try to take care of every person they love. Both these personalities aim to live their lives to the fullest in their own way and together, they can achieve this goal more easily. 

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