Are INTP and INFP Compatible? How to Make This Dreamy Pairing Work 

Can two dreamers come together if they dream of different things? INTP and INFP both have profound, capable minds, but they use them in very distinct ways. So, are INTP and INFP compatible? 

Let’s start with the basics, shall we? INTP, the Logician, is Introverted, Intuitive, Thinking, and Prospecting. They are the most rational of the MBTI personality types, prone to losing themselves in thought to contemplate different ideologies and deconstruct abstract concepts. Intelligent and curious, they never get tired of analyzing patterns and trying to get to the bottom of how the world works. 

INFP, the Mediator, is also Introverted, Intuitive, and Prospecting, but instead of the Logician’s Thinking trait, the Mediator is Feeling. And it makes all the difference. Like INTP, INFP also gets lost in thought daydreaming, but they use their mind to create stories and understand other people around them. Quiet, imaginative, and full of feeling, INFP thrives when they’re creating something. They make great artists, musicians, or writers and want to access the meaning of life through their creative work. 

So, can we neglect the differences between INTP vs ENFP? Are they compatible? Keep reading this post to learn about what works best between the Logician and the Mediator, what challenges they encounter, and how they can overcome them. 

INTP and INFP Are Compatible Because…

They Share a Similar Lifestyle 

INTP and INFP are both introverted and need a good deal of alone time. The ways they chose to live their lives are naturally very similar. They both prefer a quiet evening with a close circle of friends in an intimate setting to a night out in a loud place. Independent and pensive, INTP and INFP tend to isolate for hours or days at a time to dive deep into their thoughts and dreams. 

Because they tend to live their lives so similarly, INTP and INFP won’t encounter serious challenges when they’re choosing what to do, where to go, or how to structure their time together. INTP and INFP will never pressure each other to make plans they don’t want to make. And most of the time, the plans they want to make are very similar. 


They Are Both Not Interested in the Mundane 

INTP and INFP are drawn together because they’re both unconventional. Naturally curious, they will find each other exciting and spend a lot of time discussing their passions and latest discoveries. 

Even if they’re not interested precisely in what the other person is talking about — which is likely, since INTP is driven by logic and INFP is driven by feeling — the Logician and the Mediator will still find each other interesting because they both like learning new things. Their communication styles complement each other, too. Even though they can be pretty reserved, the Logician INTP loves to discuss their thoughts on abstract concepts with people they trust and find interesting, like INFP. And INFP adores listening to people they care about. 

They Both Want to Make the World a Better Place in Their Minds, at Least 

Both INTP and INFP care about making the world a kinder & more open-minded place. And sure, they may have different ways of going about it. INTP approaches changing the world from a systems perspective. They are interested in different ideologies and philosophies and spend a lot of time deconstructing them. And the empathetic INFP cares about people and communities, not about the logical systems they live in. 

Even though they approach world-changing differently, INTP and INFP will appreciate this quality about each other. And sure, they might never implement their ideas into reality, but they’ll have a great time talking about it. 

INTP vs INFP Challenges 

It Can Be Hard for INTP to Open Up

Empathetic INFP is very attuned to their emotions and feelings and longs to understand others, too. And yes, especially their partner. For an INFP, it’s crucial to have an intimate connection with their significant other. They want to listen to them, share their thoughts, and help them in their day to day. Tender and romantic, INFP is looking for someone to spend a sweet forever with. 

Even though INTP is also serious about their relationship and is looking for a long-term partner, it can be hard for them to open up, even to their loved ones. In addition to their reserved nature, INTP is also not interested in talking about their feelings  — or feelings in general. INTP wants to talk about concepts, theories, and philosophies, which can frustrate the emotional INFP. 

They Can Grow Frustrated with Each Other’s Way of Thinking 

Both INFP and INTP love to get lost in their thoughts, and a good portion of their lives is spent dreaming and contemplating. They will be attracted by each other’s vibrant minds at first but will shortly see how different their thinking styles are. 

Tender and creative INFP comes up with elaborate stories in their mind, filled with feelings and emotions. Logical INTP spends their days decoding systems and finds joy in abstraction. Their different interests may draw them together at first, but some tension may appear over time. 

INTP and INFP May Never Get Anything Done

Both INTP and INFP find it hard to take action. They can get very excited talking about something that they want to do. Still, INFP tends to lose themselves in fantasy, and INTP is just not interested in implementing their abstract ideas into reality.  

Over time, INTP and INFP may grow frustrated because they are not getting anything done and take it out on each other. 

How to Increase INTP vs INFP Compatibility  

Remember That They Complement Each Other

Because of differences between INTP vs INFP, they may encounter challenges, they can also look at their differences as learning opportunities. Rational INTP brings the dreamy INFP down to earth, reminding them that life isn’t a novel or a vintage film. And the empathetic INFP helps INTP open up more and connect to their emotions better. 

And the truth is, both INTP and INFP will benefit from this learning experience. Isn’t this what matters? 

Final Verdict: Are INTP and INFP Compatible? 

All MBTI types are compatible — some pairings just need to work a little harder than others. The same applies to INTP vs INFP. They share a lot in common. Now, it’s about accepting each other as they are and learning from each other’s differences. 

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