Did you know that ISFJs and ESTPs are often listed as an ideal match in personality charts? However, it doesn’t necessarily mean that their relationship always works perfectly well in real life. Actually, there are many things to consider in order to conclude that two personalities from Myers-Briggs 16 types are absolutely compatible with each other. While it doesn’t exclude the possibility of ISFJ and ESTP building a strong emotional or romantic bond, it’s better if we discuss their relationship up close. 

ISFJs and ESTPs have a lot of reasons why they can get along very well. In fact, they share only one major personality trait (Sensing), meaning that both of them rely on the facts while processing the information and making decisions. However, the same can’t be said about the other three personality traits. In that case, we should look for the reason for their compatibility in cognitive functions.

The dominant functions of ISFJ and ESTP are Introverted Sensing (Si) and Extraverted Sensing (Se) respectively. According to the theorists, these two functions make communication easier and as a result, they tend to be compatible in every kind of relationship. Let’s compare the main characteristics of ISFJ vs ESTP and review their romantic relationship. 


ISFJ: The Defender

ISFJs are often referred to as the Defenders of the Protectors and they actually deserve this nickname. The reason is that people with this personality are always ready to help and protect others and sometimes they even sacrifice their own needs to fight for others’ interests. Neglecting their own needs makes ISFJs career path a little bit complicated and interferes with them using their full potential to achieve success. However, it seems like the Defenders prefer to give up their goals.

ISFJs are very quiet and empathetic people, who deeply understand what others feel. They are very hard-working, reliable, and responsible, meaning that if they promise you something, there’s no way that they won’t do it. ISFJs have incredible organization skills and an eye for detail. Consequently, they easily avoid stress. They enjoy motivating people and helping them to solve important problems. The reason is that they take others’ feelings very personally. 


ESTP: The Adventurer

ESTPs are typical extroverts. They can’t imagine their life sitting at home, surrounded by just a few friends. All they want is fame and recognition and as a result, most items have a very wide circle of friends and acquaintances and always get in the spotlight. The reason why people tend to like them is their contagious energy and charisma. Also, they can easily generate innovative ideas and inspire people with their creativity. Even though they often act impulsively and make quick decisions, ESTPs are practical and rational people. It’s just that they don’t need hours to think about a single decision.

People with this personality type are also called Adventurers. That’s because they enjoy taking risks and taking part in weird challenges. Usually, they rely on logical facts rather than emotions. Still, they never seem careless because ESTPs try to pay attention to others’ feelings and help them in tough times. Besides, they easily get bored of people and things and often switch their professions. 

Comparison of ISFJ vs ESTP

It’s obvious that ISFJs and ESTPs don’t share so many personality traits or characteristics. However, it doesn’t mean that they can’t have the same attitudes about some things. That’s why people often wonder what they think about relationships, what kind of leaders they are or what their main values are. Let’s compare ISFJ vs ESTP and find out more about their attitudes. 


  • ISFJs are committed leaders. Usually, they don’t enjoy managing but if they have to do it, they would do anything in order to help the team achieve success. They always try to have clear communication with people and avoid confusion or confrontation. They like order and structure at the workplace. 
  • ESTPs adore being leaders. They are energetic people who seek attention and as a result, they make charismatic leaders. ESTP leaders can quickly and efficiently engage the team and inspire them. They use humor while doing the work and suggest their teammates do the same. However, they get mad if people act irresponsibly and avoid doing their duties.


  • ISFJs believe that people should always keep their promises. They value responsibility and are looking for harmony in life. They can’t imagine any type of relationship without loyalty and sincerity. Being kind is the priority for them and that’s why they always try to help people. 
  • ESTPs are adventure-lovers. They value confidence in people because they believe taking risks helps us grow personally. They consider themselves as mentally strong people and believe that defending those in need is something worthwhile. As a result, they take care of their loved ones and try to increase their mood or self-esteem. 

ISFJ & ESTP – What Does Their Relationship Look Like? 

After comparing ISFJ vs ESTP and discussing their main characteristics, it may sound a little bit surprising but yes, ISFJs and ESTPs are very compatible in romantic relationships. While many people think that introverts and extroverts can’t get along, the research states otherwise. In fact, social psychologists state that extroverts and introverts often attract each other and balance one another’s strengths and weaknesses. 

That’s what happens with INFJs and ESTPs. A shy INFJ seems very attractive to an ESTP because they are used to social situations and most people around them have the same preferences and attitudes. But they want something different for romantic relationships and consequently, they easily fall for ISFJs. 

On the other hand, ISFJs enjoy that their ESTP partners are admired and appreciated by society. As a result, this difference is not a problem for ISFJ and ESTP to fall in love. 

Moreover, ISFJs want someone who will help them behave rationally and make logical decisions instead of acting according to their feelings. The same happens with ESTPs who want to understand their feelings more deeply. Considering all this, these two personalities can have a steady and long-lasting relationship. 

All in All

Finally, we can say that in this case, we can rely on compatibility charts because ISFJs and ESTPs are indeed ideal partners to each other. They have similar attitudes towards love and family and can perfectly stabilize each others’ concerns. Therefore, the Defenders and the Adventurers are considered a perfect match.

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