Some people believe that having three major personality traits in common is enough for getting along. While it’s not 100% true, most types from Myers-Briggs 16 personalities that share more than two main functions are incredibly compatible. In fact, that’s what happens with ENFJ and ENTJ. Once they get to know each other, they can easily create a strong bond and remain together for years. 

Both ENTJs and ENFJs are Extroverted (E), Intuitive (I), and Judging (J) personalities. However, ENFJ is a Feeling (F) personality and likes expressing feelings, taking care of other emotions, and is a sensitive person. On the contrary, ENTJ is a Thinking (T) personality who relies on objective facts instead of subjective feelings. This difference can be very important when it comes to everyday interaction. Actually, with many couples, it often becomes the main reason for splitting up but that doesn’t usually happen with ENTJ and ENFJ.

Just keep on reading, if you want to find out more about ENFJ vs ENTJ and take a look at their main characteristics, compatibility in love, attitudes towards life, and leadership styles. 


A Brief Review Of ENFJ: The Protagonist

ENFJs are also known as the Givers or the Protagonists. The reason is that they are kind-hearted people who always take care of other people, especially when it comes to group communication. As a result, people consider them as protagonists and like being and interacting with them. They enjoy sharing their knowledge and experience with others without expecting anything in return. Therefore, being called the Givers is also quite fair.

ENFJs are Extroverted, Intuitive, Feeling and Judging personalities, meaning that they enjoy spending time outdoors, being surrounded by other people, and have a great sense of empathy. Besides, they’re very supportive and affectionate people who believe that encouraging others is their personal duty. Therefore, they feel emotionally satisfied when others achieve success with their help. Unfortunately, sometimes they devote so much of their time, energy, and effort to other’s well-being that they forget themselves and end up disappointed. 


A Brief Review Of ENTJ: The Commander

ENTJs are often referred to as the Commanders. Indeed, they are naturally prone to become leaders and manage others. But also, they tend to be successful in the Commander’s position. Just like typical Extroverts, they enjoy spending time in other people’s company. It doesn’t matter how big and diverse the crowd is, they always cope with the situation and control the group efficiently. The reason is that interacting with others, especially with strangers, motivates them and gives them energy.

ENTJs are Extroverted, Intuitive, Thinking, and Judging personalities. Therefore, they never base their decisions on feelings, emotions, or other subjective things and instead, they gather all the available factual information in order to make rational decisions. Sometimes they are considered stubborn, strict, and aggressive people but actually, that’s only when somebody disturbs them. Otherwise, they are warm people who are just too assertive and organized. 

Are ENFJ and ENTJ Compatible in Relationships?

Yes! ENFJs and ENTJs are some of the most compatible people from MBTI both in romantic relationships or in friendships. While ENFJs are very emotional, ENTJs are rational people and therefore, they balance each other. ENTJs constantly worry about their professional life and their ENFJ partners are always there to support them in tough times. 

Besides, their attitude towards life is pretty much alike. Both of them like order and organization and can’t live without everything having planned ahead. Consequently, they can be ideal friends as well. But frequently, their friendship turns into romance, and ENFJs and ENTJs become long-term partners to each other. 

ENFJ vs ENTJ: Major Differences in Personality Types

As you can see, ENFJs and ENTJs have plenty of characteristics in common. Each of them enjoys interacting with others, they have great skills of communication, always look for deeper meaning in things, and can’t live without order and organization in everyday life. However, when it comes to general attitudes towards love, career, or other important aspects of life, they can be different. Let’s compare ENFJ vs ENTJ and find out their major values. 


  • ENFJs are very sensitive people. They fall in love very easily and deeply and consequently, they are very committed and loyal partners. ENFJs consider romantic relationships very serious. They dedicate themselves to their partners and try everything to make them feel happy. 
  • ENTJs are also very committed partners. However, the main difference between them and ENFJs is that they’re not sensitive at all and don’t bother to take care of organizing dates and other things that romantic people find vital for relationships. They think of love as a more responsible relationship compared to friendships. However, sometimes they’re even more committed to their work and forget to please their partners. 

Career and Leadership

  • People adore ENFJs as leaders. Even if they don’t really try to take leadership positions at work, their dedication and affection towards workers often help them to become official leaders. They are supportive and strong leaders with impressive ideas and a well-organized timetable. 
  • ENTJs are very ambitious people. They believe that they’re born to be leaders and try their best to get at the highest positions at work. However, not only do they claim to be excellent managers, they actually manage to impress people with their efficient solutions and successful plans. 


  • Helping others is the main motivation for ENFJs in every aspect of life. They are altruist people who always try to support and encourage others and they don’t expect anything in return. They are very empathetic and enjoy listening to others when they talk about their emotions. 
  • The thing that ENTJs value the most is indeed honesty. They can’t bear it when people try to lie to them and prefer the truth even if it’s disappointing or scary. Once they see that someone is completely sincere, they immediately like this person and can even fall in love. 

Bottom Line

As we’ve already reviewed ENFJ vs ENTJ, now you know that the relationship between these two personality types works perfectly well. It seems like having three major personality functions is enough in this case for building an ideal relationship. Even more, the difference between the Feeling (F) and Thinking (T) traits brings innovation to their relationship and motivates the couple to be with each other for a long time.

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