Some people always get the same results after taking the MBTI. However, others often get two different personality types. This can be a little bit confusing because everybody wants to know their exact type. But the reason is that some personalities have so much in common that you can hardly differentiate between them. INTJ and ISTP are among those types.

INTJs and ISTP obviously look like each other. They share attitudes on many things, behave in the same way in some situations, and also, they share some values. They’re both Introverted (I) and Thinking (T) personalities, focusing on facts and always disputing using rational arguments. They prefer to spend time alone and set future goals. 

However, they don’t share two main personality types. Specifically, INTJs are Intuitive (N) and Judging (J), looking for deeper meanings in things and following exact order every day. Unlike them, ISTPs are Sensing (S) and Perceiving (P) people who can easily adapt to new situations and who like to pay attention to physical reality. 

Many people believe that these two personalities should get along perfectly well due to these similarities. However, once you read more about the comparison of INTJ vs ISTP, you’ll find out that things aren’t always that easy. 


INTJ: Introverted | Intuitive | Thinking | Judging

INTJs, also known as Architects, are very analytical and sensible people. They enjoy focusing on abstract information and convincing others of whatever they think. Usually, they look at the world from a broad perspective and neglect small details that don’t really matter. They are extremely confident people, with contagious charisma and intelligence, and can easily inspire people around them. However, INTJs hate social situations and prefer to be on their own even when they feel down. 

Due to their Judging (J) trait, INTJs like the order. They try hard to make sure that everything is planned in advance in order to avoid stress and anxiety. The reason is that they find it hard to adapt to new situations and hate changes. As a result, they would rather obey the rules even if they don’t like them. Although INTJs never talk about their feelings, they are very good listeners and enjoy making people feel better. 


ISTP: Introverted | Sensing | Thinking | Perceiving

ISTPs are very curious people. They enjoy getting involved in hazardous activities and taking risks just to see how the world works around them. Surprisingly, they don’t need anyone even in those activities for support and encouragement. ISTPs prefer being alone whatever happens. However, sometimes they can be very understanding and help their loved ones during tough times. Since they have great analytical skills, coming up with powerful solutions is not a big deal for them. 

INTJs hate when people talk about abstract ideas. They are very down-to-earth and practical people who tend to solve all the problems rationally. Unlike ISTJs, they dislike following the same routine. That’s because they value freedom and independence. Besides, they never hesitate to make mistakes because they realize that mistakes can be useful in the future. ISTJs easily get bored when there’s nothing new happening in their lives. 

Compatibility Between INTJ and ISTP

INTJs and ISTPs are not considered a perfect match but they can build a very healthy and interesting relationship. Both of them are thinkers which means that they are rational, logical, and intelligent people. Together they can take part in very thrilling activities and have an exciting relationship. Besides, both of them are Introverted (I) personalities and realize that they can’t be together every minute. As a result, INTJs and ISTPs always have private space even when they are dating.

Therefore, INTJs and ISTPs are not ideal partners for one another but chances are still very high that they can fall in love. Neither of these personalities is romantic and consequently, it’s not surprising that they don’t enjoy romantic dates or planning the future together. Actually, they are more focused on the present and don’t think about what their relationship will look like after years. 

INTJ vs ISTP: Key Differences

We already pointed out that the major difference between INTJ vs ISTP is that they don’t share two main personality traits (Intuition – Sensing, Judging – Perceiving). However, it’s more interesting to discuss what they think about life, what kind of leaders they can be or what they look like in love. 

In Love

  • INTJs are very reliable and trustworthy partners. Although they don’t think much about relationships, if they fall in love, they invest all their strength and effort in order to have a perfect relationship. Their partners mean a lot to them and as a result, they try hard to please them and make them feel special. 
  • Love can completely change the daily lives of ISTPs. They know very well that they are not romantic and can’t express emotions. But if their partner values romantic relationships, ISTPs would do anything to make them feel appreciated. Even though they don’t talk about their feelings out loud, they always support and encourage their partners.


  • INTJs value competence and intelligence. They prefer to communicate with people who are determined to prove their opinions with rational arguments. They are committed to their own ideas and hardly change opinions on anything. Also, they value order, structure, and routine. 
  • ISTPs’ main value is indeed independence. They desire to be completely free and self-reliant. Also, they are always seeking adventures, risks, and new experiences in life. They believe that strictly following your objectives is a key to success. 


  • INTJs are very practical and rational leaders. They know how to motivate the team to fulfill their goals and achieve success. Usually, they have innovative solutions to complex problems and are determined to introduce their inspiring ideas to the members of the team. All they demand from the team members is direct actions and reasonable behavior.
  • Since ISTPs hate following strict orders, as leaders, they are flexible. If somebody complains about too much work or responsibilities, they can be understanding instead of firing them immediately. They are supportive leaders with practical solutions and orientation on the details. 

Final Words

To conclude, INTJs and ISTPs have enough similarities in attitudes, thoughts, and opinions to get along very well. They can be ideal friends or co-workers, but as romantic partners, sometimes they can’t manage to maintain long-term and steady relationships. That’s because of the significant differences between INTJ vs ISTP in the way they think about romance and family. The different goals and priorities often cause separation. But they can be perfect for each other as a short-term couple.

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