At a first glance, it’s obvious that ENFPs and ENTJs share two basic personality functions. Considering this, it’s hard to say whether they are compatible with each other or not. While some people believe that resemblance in Extroversy (E) and Intuition (N) traits is enough for getting along, others think that difference between Feeling (F) – Thinking (T), and Perceiving (P) – Judging (J) functions can cause a lot of problems in communication. 

Indeed, most times ENTJs have trouble connecting with people emotionally and they usually build relationships based on their actions and thoughts. Even when another person is too attracted to them, ENTJs prefer not to respond the same way and think logically instead. However, ENFPs adore intellectually stimulating ENTJs, and sometimes, they would do anything for interacting with ENTJs.

Besides, ENFPs are spontaneous people who make immediate decisions while ENTJs adore order in life and have everything planned ahead. Therefore, they’re pretty different from each other but still, they like plenty of things in each other’s personalities. In this article, we will review the comparison of ENFP vs ENTJ, discuss their differences and compatibility. 


ENFP: Extraverted | Intuitive | Feeling | Perceiving

The Champion is a common nickname for ENFP personalities. In fact, they actually have a leading nature and can easily achieve success in anything they start without big effort. That’s mainly because of their excellent social skills. ENFPs adore interacting with people. They want to share everything they do with others and therefore, the only time when you can catch ENFPs alone is while they’re sleeping or taking a shower. 

Not only do they like people, but thanks to their caring and warm personality, people also like ENFPs. They’re empathetic people who can understand what others feel and respond in the way they need. Besides, they hate routine and order and prefer to act simultaneously. Their decisions usually rely on emotions instead of objective information, which can be a negative factor when it comes to working. 


ENTJ: Extraverted | Intuitive | Thinking | Judging

ENTJs are some of the most confident people from the 16 personality types of Myers-Briggs. They are energetic, charismatic people who enjoy leading teams and creating inspiring plans for their members. Most times, they are bosses in the workplace, and therefore, not surprisingly, they are also known as the Commanders. 

ENTJs trust their abilities. They never doubt whether the decision they made was right or wrong because they rely on factual information instead of subjective feelings. They always try hard to achieve their goal and believe that having everything planned in advance is vital for it. They hate when people don’t share their opinions or don’t follow their way of resolving problems. Sometimes they can be a bit arrogant, impatient and stubborn. 

ENFP vs ENTJ: Key Differences 

Despite significant differences in major personality functions, ENFPs and ENTJs agree on a lot of different things. When necessary, they can accept each other’s different attitudes towards love, friendship, life, and more. Their core values aren’t similar as well. ENFPs like order, while ENTJs think that immediate decisions make life more beautiful. Let’s compare the attitudes towards romance and leadership of ENFP vs ENTJ and discuss their basic values. 


  • Due to their spontaneous nature, sometimes people think that ENFPs can’t be great leaders. But actually, they can lead the team effectively by establishing their own rules. ENFPs enjoy listening to others and building consensus in the team. They are open to everyone’s suggestions and take care of each members’ needs. 
  • ENTJs are very effective leaders. They believe in themselves, always feel confident while speaking publicly, and can easily motivate the team members to be dedicated to work. They are strategic leaders, oriented on the goal who would do anything to deliver projects quickly and efficiently. 

Romantic Relationships

  • ENFPs are perfect partners for those who like emotionally satisfying relationships. They like to listen to their partners, understand what they feel, and show their own emotions as well. In fact, that’s how they connect with others. Besides, they like hugs, cuddles, and other psychical ways of expressing love. 
  • ENFJs are considered boring partners. They are not sensitive, don’t like taking part in romantic things, and sometimes, don’t even express love. However, deep down they are kind-hearted people and their partners can easily notice how committed and loyal lovers ENFJs can be. 

Values and Virtues

  • ENFPs believe that every person is different and each of them deserves individual treatment. They always put one person’s needs ahead of a social group. They respect other people’s opinions and are very committed to their friends and family. Having meaningful relationships is very important for them. 
  • ENTJs value sincerity. They just can’t communicate with anyone trying to deceive them and say everything they think aloud. They always try to improve the world and never give up. They are extremely dedicated to working and as a result, easily achieve success. Besides, ENTJs never pretend to be someone else and always show off their true selves.

Compatibility of ENFP and ENTJ: Can They Get Along?  

ENFP and ENTJ are two different personalities and people of these types can’t really agree on many things. However, that’s before they get to know each other. Once they build deep relationships and become friends or lovers, it’s almost unimaginable to separate these two.

ENFPs find ENTJs very reliable and responsible. Also, ENTJs often help their ENFP partners to organize plans and never refuse to share their creative ideas to inspire their partners. On the other hand, ENFPs always support ENTJs. They give them motivation, support in tough times, and express love, which is vital for ENFPs. Both of these personalities are extremely loyal and dedicated to relationships. Therefore, once they fall in love, they have a rewarding relationship for a long time. 


To conclude, these two different personality types can surprisingly build a healthy and long-lasting relationship. After reviewing ENFP vs ENTJ, you can be sure that great social skills and seeing future potential in people are only qualities that they share. But since they enjoy differences in one another, they can be great friends, partners, or teammates.