Do you think that having Introversion (I) and Thinking (T) in common is enough for two personalities to get along in relationships? Many people think like that. However, it depends on which MBTI personality types we’re discussing. Sometimes even one major personality function can be enough for two people to get along, but things are different and a bit more complicated in the case of ISTJ and INTP.

Both INTJs and INTPs are shy people who hate social situations. They struggle with emotion and use their knowledge in order to make rational decisions. The fact that they can’t really understand people is the main reason why they feel uncomfortable in social situations. But despite these similarities, they are not considered compatible, probably because they have too many differences. 

ISTJ is a Sensing (S) and Judging (J) personality. They pay attention to physical reality, notice important facts and details and easily adapt to changes. On the contrary, INTPs are Intuitive (N) and Perceiving (P) people and they focus on the past and the future.Besides, they’re inflexible and prefer following a certain schedule instead of living at their own pace. 

Considering all of these differences between ISTJ vs INTP, it’s believed that their relationship could work but they’re never referred to as an ideal match. 


A Brief Review Of ISTJ

ISTJs (Introverted, Sensing, Thinking, Judging)  are very calm, practical, and responsible people. They are often called Logisticians and as a result, it’s not surprising that they stand out with their logic. Instead of relying on emotions and making impulsive decisions, tISTJs always think before they act and as a result, their decisions always help them achieve success. They always focus on details and hate arguing about abstract concepts.

ISTJs have a fixed set of values and hardly adapt to new situations. They hate changes. People with this personality type are completely realistic, focused on the present. The fondness of order and organization often helps them to get things done but also, they are rather subjective and tend to blame others when they have trouble planning their lives. 


A Brief Review Of INTP

INTPs (Introverted, Intuitive, Thinking, Perceiving) are also very rational people. In fact, they are called the Thinkers due to their tendency to analyze data and make objective, logical decisions. INTPs value intelligence in people. They haven’t got great skills of expressing emotion and hate to socialize with a big group of people. Typical INTP has only one or two friends and doesn’t need to interact with more people. 

INTPs are creative people and tend to think outside of the box. They are very flexible and can easily find innovative solutions even in completely new situations. They hate traditions and usually refuse to follow the rules. Since they always refuse to talk about themselves, it’s a little bit difficult to get to know people with this personality type. 

ISTJ vs INTP: Key Differences

ISTJs and INTPs have almost completely different attitudes towards life. INTPs can’t live without taking risks and exploring hidden parts of the world. They want to realize everything unknown and interesting to them. On the other hand, ISTJs are rigid people who prefer living according to traditions and fixed timetables. Let’s compare ISTJ vs INTP to find out how much they look alike. 


  • ISTJs are realistic people who value the present moment. They can’t live with the hope that something will change in the future. They prefer to react and make changes themselves. They like consistency and believe that everyone should take part in improving society. 
  • INTPs value truth and honesty in people. They believe that intellectual achievements are the most important parts of life and can’t imagine choosing emotions over logic. They are in constant search of hidden truths and have a strong desire to understand the world. 

Romantic Relationships

  • Although ISTJs are not very romantic, they are extremely dedicated to their partners and try to take care of their feelings. They have very few people in their lives, so ISTJs seek deep emotional connections in relationships. They prefer stable and long-term relationships and traditional gender roles. 
  • INTPs are a bit detached partners. They care about their lovers a lot but seek space in a relationship to explore their own needs and interests. Therefore, they are looking for a partner who will accept their desires and weaknesses and understands their aims. They prefer a partner who’s able to teach them how to deal with emotions when they are under stress. 

Leadership Styles

  • Leadership is the best position in ISTJs’ careers. They have excellent organizational skills, the power to effectively solve problems, and the determination to create order and structure in the workplace. They are considered strict leaders and sometimes people are afraid of ISTJ leaders but usually, the team members like them because of the honesty and justice they bring everywhere. 
  • INTPs adore independence and therefore, they usually like being leaders. They are strategic managers with great analytical skills and a clear vision of the future. A creative approach helps them to solve problems innovatively. However, they lead quietly and prefer to stay out of the spotlight. 

The Relationship Between ISTJ and INTP

ISTJs and INTPs are not considered compatible personalities. They have different ways of solving problems and look at relationships completely differently. Specifically, ISTJs like traditional relationships. They are looking for partners with whom they will create a family and have a stable relationship. Unlike them, INTPS quickly get bored of relationships. They need space to be alone and can’t imagine themselves in long-term relationships.

Therefore, even if they fall in love, ISTJs and INTPs usually can’t stay together for a long time. They quickly find out the differences in their attitudes and separate. However, they rarely fight and can remain friends even after breaking up with each other.


To sum up, what we discussed, ISTJs and INTPs can’t get along in romantic relationships. The comparison of ISTJ vs INTP proved that both of them are looking for completely different partners and they just can’t meet each others’ needs and requirements. However, due to their excellent analytical and logical skills, ISTJs and INTPs enjoy being around each other.