How Well Do They Get Along in Romantic Relationships? 

Myers-Briggs personality inventory was an innovation in the field of exploring personality types. The 16 different personalities she introduced gave people opportunities to find out more about their inner world and see how compatible they are with other people. However, this self-report questionnaire raised even more questions.

Today people often wonder whether one personality type suits another. The comparison of INTJ vs ISTJ is usually at the center of discussion. Do they get along? Can they establish a relationship? Or is it better if people of these two personalities refuse to interact with each other and try to find someone else? 

INTJ and ISTJ share three major traits and that’s why at first glance, there are many similarities between them. They are both introverts, prefer rational thinking over emotions, and like to organize everything around them. But actually, there are plenty of differences between them, especially in their cognitive functions. Let’s review these two personality types and see what their relationship looks like. 

A Brief Review of INTJ – The Architect

INTJ is an introverted (I), intuitive (N), thinking (T), and judging (J) personality type, generally referred to as “the architect”. People of this personality are usually introverted types and enjoy being and working on their own. They tend to focus on abstract concepts and generate creative solutions to problems using their theoretical ideas. Logic is something vital to them. Since thinking is one of the four major traits of INTJs, they always think twice before making decisions and never base their choices on emotions. INTJs don’t have the ability to examine every single detail. They look at things from a wider perspective and assess everything analytically. 

INTJ is a rare personality type. Unlike other personalities, only about 1-4% of the popularity are the Architects. Even though INTJs are introverted people who prefer to work alone, they usually listen to them carefully and give out advice when they are with others. The fact that they can achieve goals effectively as a result of hard work sometimes leads them to self-confidence. However, they can take criticism from others as well. The reason is that they are perfectionists and aim to overcome all their weaknesses. 


A Brief Review of ISTJ – The Inspector

ISTJ is introverted (I), sensing (S), thinking (T), and perceiving (P) personality, and people of this type tend to be self-reserved, quiet, thoughtful people and are referred to as “the inspectors”. They are typical introverts who prefer staying at home and being alone instead of going out and having fun with others. ISTJs spend plenty of their time thinking about everything that concerns them. These moments of thinking actually helps them to deeply explore their inner world. 

Generally, ISTJs have a very small social circle around them and the reason for this is that they don’t communicate with others. These few people are usually their family members, relatives, or childhood friends. One of the main hobbies of ISTJs is to think about theoretical concepts and use objective information to make logical decisions. Emotions are not valuable for them which really helps them to think outside of the box. However, they can hardly express their feelings, even though they want to take care of their loved ones. But they blame others more frequently as a result of their subjective perspective.

INTJ vs ISTJ – Comparison of Characteristics

Both INTJs and ISTJs are deep thinkers. That’s the main similarity between them. Although every single person is full of various emotions, in this case, feelings can’t disturb the rational thinking of either INTJs and ISTJs. However, as a result of the difference in intuition (I) and Sensing (S) traits, these two personalities look at certain matters completely differently. Let’s discuss the attitude of INTJ vs ISTJ towards leadership, romance and review their values. 

Career and Leadership 

  • INTJs are strategic leaders. They can easily use their ideal organizational skills to come up with effective plans. They can develop long-term goals strategically and solve complex problems in an innovative way. 
  • Since INTJs prefer to work on their own, they can be perfect scientific researchers, detectives, lawyers, architects, or technical writers. 
  • ISTJs are absolutely reliable leaders as a result of their commitment, task orientation, and self-preservation. They always have obvious requirements and clear communication with their teammates. Unlike ISTJs, INTJs set smaller plans more effectively and don’t have a long-term vision. They always distribute tasks fairly. 
  • ISTJs can be great business analysts, accountants, dentists, or managers.

Romantic Relationships

  • INTJs are not very romantic people. They think rationally instead of expressing what they feel towards their loved ones. However, they are absolutely loyal and do their best to maintain healthy and steady relationships and make their partner happy. Due to their perfectionism about relationships, INTJs hardly fall in love and get disappointed easily. 
  • ISTJs are also very loyal. However, they are focused on traditions and would like to have typical gender roles in their relationships. They fall in love very quickly but manage to maintain long-term relationships. They dream of finding their soulmate who will have all their desired qualities. 

Values and Visions

  • Loyalty is the main value for INTJ. People with this personality demand the truth from their loved ones. Besides, they contradict traditionally in order to find the hidden meanings of others’ actions and in general, of life. 
  • ISTJs value competency. They believe that everybody should be as responsible as they are to create a better society together. However, they have a rather conservative nature and follow traditions. Loyalty is very important for them as well, especially from people they care about. 

Compatibility in Relationships

INTJ and ISTJ seem to be ideal for each other at first sight. They are both introverted people, willing to change the world and both of them are rational thinkers. However, all these similarities may not be enough for establishing romantic relationships.

First of all, ISTJs adore traditional gender roles but INTJs on the other hand, try hard to fight against traditions. Therefore, even though they are both logical thinkers, INTJ and ISTJ focus on completely different things and this can be a problem for establishing a romantic relationship. But this doesn’t mean that they don’t get along and can’t develop any kind of relationship. In fact, they can be very good friends or co-workers, as they are both detail-oriented and organized.


Finally, what we can say about the compatibility of INTJ vs ISTJ is that we can’t make a specific conclusion. While they can perfectly get along in some situations, like work environment, or partnership, they can have some problems in romantic relationships. Still, defining their goals clearly, communicating, and sorting things out can help these two personalities to establish a great relationship.

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